Cockpit Mail UI

Hi folks,
Giacomo and I started to work on the Mail application for the new Server Manager (Cockpit)

At this point I’m just studying Vue.js & co, but I want to show you an early screenshot of what’s happening. I hope you want to give me some hints!

What would you expect from the “Mail system” dashboard? What information shall we display?


I think it would be nice to configure mail addresses and quota from here.


I think that it’s an amazing opportunity to provide your voice in NethServer development.

We need to mention a few people here @pagaille @mrmarkuz @pike @jfernandez @gerald_FS @LayLow @happnatious1 @dnutan @fasttech @SGVFR @Michael_Dahlgren_Nie @transocean @Ya_Ley @danb35 @xcod @bobtskutter


yep, listen, ask, propose, compare, give, do, you are involved because you are NethServer

I am Negan… I mean NethServer.


Glad to help with anything, I think NS is excellent, and can only get better.

@fasttech - I like Negan, looking foward to whatever comeback he’s going to have.

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Mail volume in/out over specified periods (last day/week/month)? Number of messages and bytes?

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  • It would be really nice to have a tab for mail aliases with a collapsible / expandable view to quickly view who is a member of each.

  • perhaps a quick “broadcast” option the administrator can send a message to all mail users, or specific alias address’s from the UI?


I think that @alefattorini will regret it. A lot.

So… this is a wishlist for “Mail UI”, obviously most of these won’t be satisfied due to current goal (design a new Cockpit-based UI, not add more features) but i hope that will help the progression of the project

  • lists! mailboxes, users, aliases, shared mailboxes, distribution lists (still talking of EMAIL, not groupware): a comprehensive set of panels to get a grip on addresses are in use; i know that LDAP groups won’t be that easy to do due to the source of the data but… who knows? Maybe cached data for every group could be a nice “spot” :wink: from this pages aliases, shared mailboxes, distribution list should be changed. Long story short: Email Addresses and Email should be glued into one UI. This has a downside: delegation of roles and user management.
  • Stats! Global disk/partition usage, single mailbox disk usage (folders too? :wink: ), single user messages number (folders too?) and messages stored, sent and received, maybe with averages (day, week, month year). Mail quota status should be useful too, with forecast of currently assigned quotas (10 gb for 4 users, 2gb for 10 users equals 60gb of space declared available, with warnings for free space on mounted partition)
  • DNS diagnostics for internet domains (whois, SPF and DMARC retrieve, dig)
  • shortcuts for rspamd console and fail2ban console (if installed)
  • starting from a user, a shortcut for view logs on user-related operations (messages retrieve, management, sent)
  • mountpoint management for mail folders, with a tool for data and mountpoint migration

I hear @dev_team is sharpening swords and axes … maybe they want have a word with Alessio? :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

A bit more serious… I think that a lot of my proposals are not so feasible enough, but I think that might be useful and handy for management of mailserver.
Just ideas, hoping they will be interesting enough :wink:


I tend to agree–the current division is kind of confusing. But then, so is the current division between user accounts and email addresses.

I like this one, though I wonder if it might be better on the system or other dashboard rather than email as such.


Why not a cannonball? :slight_smile:
Don’t worry our shoulders are large enough
Thanks for jumping in

I always remember the same things:

  • Configuration as MX backup for another domain.
    (I have three different NS installations on the run and would like to use against each other as MX backup - Yes, this is a DNS thing but also the mail server is involved)

  • Group accounts

  • Enable direct login with alias address

  • Multi-user capability in SOGo (that the mail alias can be selected as the sender)

Basically, I have to say that it is actually running quite well, the separation between users and e-mail takes some getting used to, but it works.



Thank you all for your feedbacks! We are working on the mailbox/addresses distinction. The the dynamic groups database, discussed in Sending an email to LDAP/AD group - Mail Alias is not a solution will be available from the new UI.

You can see the new interface logical structure here:

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Looks good !

I think that basically we need the same features as those provided with the current user interface. I was thinking that probably users and email management could be merged.

As a bonus, A small graph representing the hourly / weekly / monthly volume of mails / spam / rejected would be more useful than that sector graph.

I’d like to have a live view of the maillog too.

A top 10 users report (on different time spans) would be nice.

An integration of the rspamd web interface would be great !

The way the aliases targets are displayed (and searched) is not perfect right now (in the server manager) especially when there are a lot of targets that cannot all be displayed : in that case it is not possible to search for each occurence of an email target. See below what I’m talking about :


That’s what I can see right now. Please keep us updated !


Thanks for inviting me to comment @alefattorini

My mail system is quite small compared to most people, but I like to see information about how many emails I’ve received in a certain time. e.g. number of messages per day, week, month etc.
It would also be nice to see the statistics of how many spam messages I’m receiving compared to how many ham messages (rspam already does this).
It might be useful to see some data on which spam rule has been triggered the most, this might help the Admin tune the spam rules (symbols?) differently.
Is there an easier way of displaying the contents of the white & black lists for the different email options? The file listing in the rspam admin panel is OK, but some sort of drop down list view might be easier to work with.


Tuning rspamd scoring rules is a really advanced use case, for experts only. A bad setting can invalidate the effectiveness of the whole mail filter.

I suggest to do it with the rspamd UI itself, or with a template-custom.

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I agree. It makes me remember that each time I installed a nethserver mail server I noticed that the effectiveness of the filter wasn’t so good at first time, especially for spams in another language than english. This is because the Bayesian filter doesn’t kick in before it learns 200 hams and 200 spams (wether you use SpamAssassin or rspamd). We discussed this with @filippo_carletti a long time ago and for sure it wasn’t that clear.

Therefore it could be useful to display a message to prevent disappointment and to keep user form being tempted to fiddle with the standard rules (that works good out of the box indeed).


Thanks :heart: I like it! We must show it somewhere in the Dashboard or under the Filter settings…

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Hints/alerts? Maybe an ham/spam counter could help

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$ sudo rspamc stat
Results for command: stat (0.015 seconds)


Statfile: BAYES_SPAM type: redis; length: 7.91M; free blocks: 0; total blocks: 208.25k; free: 0.00%; learned: 343; users: 1; languages: 0
Statfile: BAYES_HAM type: redis; length: 15.24M; free blocks: 0; total blocks: 401.10k; free: 0.00%; learned: 442; users: 1; languages: 0
Total learns: 785

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

  • Edit -
    :thinking: 442 hams only ?? I should investigate this…
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