Clients are not able to join the domain

First Server I setup here locally using my IP range ( , then I moved it to another location and change the IP range ( All seems to be working fine, have DHCP and DNS on the Nethserver. However, I find it hard to join clients to the new domain, both Windows 7 and Windows 10.
Once the client has it’s IP say for 15 - 20 min then it joins OK. Is it a bad idea to change IP range like this? I find that if I disable IPV6 on the client it works/joins the NethServer domain easier?

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I think the problem is due to DNS. Launch ifconfig /flushdns from cmd and then check if the first dns it’s the IP of DC. Then retry login.

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# Windows
ipconfig /flushdns

# Linux
ifconfig /flushdns
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Yes, sorry for mistake :grimacing:

Many thanks for your reply, I will test this on my next server.

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