ClamAV update schedule mail

NethServer Version: 7.8.2003
Module: Clamd
I’m starting to get these bugs mail. which I can not just figure out if it is a mistake or ??.
Are there any who can help.


Please test executing /usr/sbin/ in a terminal to check if there’s more output about the error.

There cam this:

This looks good so I don’t think there’s an issue. Do you still get the cron error mails?

Yes, one every day

Did you update clamav from epel testing?
You may try to reinstall and check the logs:

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I have now found out of the reason this message is coming.
I restart the servers once a week and it on the sec that server restarts and this message comes.
there is a way to fix this

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I could reproduce it, with a reboot/halt you may kill a running and that produces the cron error mail.

The reboot cron job runs at 2:16 and the runs at 2:14 (hourly) and takes randomly to 10 minutes so it’s likely be terminated by the reboot.

I think if you change the reboot job to run at 2:00 it should just work…


That was what was needed :slight_smile:
Many thanks for the help