Change of NethServer upgrade policy

Thanks to the big work of the upstream QA team, a minor version upgrade in CentOS is smooth and painless. A CentOS machine fetches the security updates from an URL like$releasever/updates/$basearch/

Where $releasever is currently 6, and $basearch is x86_64.

This is different in NethServer, because our YUM repositories are always accessed with the minor version number. For instance, we use 6.7 instead of 6. This difference causes troubles with IPv6 and YUM, and has been signaled various times in other threads; for instance 1246, 2171, 2256.

I propose a change of the upgrade policy: let’s adopt the same policy of upstream and point to the major number (6) repository. When CentOS 6.8 is released NethServer behaves exactly like CentOS; thus it continues to receive security updates, that is very important for me.

What do you think?


Me too.

Out of curiosity, immediately following this transition, would a current, up to date, NS be facing a huge update push, as in, opening the floodgates?

It sound good for me. :smiley:

Nothing changes in the immediate, as far as 6 points to 6.7.


Moreover, when CentOS 6.8 will be released, any NethServer installation will immediately receive the same updates of a basic CentOS. We can still retain some time to develop and test new features before releasing the new NS 6.8 ISO.

I want to get more feedback! Please, reply!

I totally agree with this approach!

AFAIR, this is one of the first request I made, many months ago…

system updates must always be applied asap

Me too! We could deal with potential problems when CentOS will release 6.8.

since NS is strictly upstream complian, and knowing RH’s policies about continuity, reliability and availability of services, I think we have nothing to be worried about

We ought to follow mainstream updates hence i have no problems for that.

The upgrade policy change requires a very little code change :slight_smile:


The code is deployed. The upgrade policy has changed. What is going to happen now? nothing :blush:

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