Change Default Alias Mail

NethServer Version: 7.8.2003
Module: NTop, SoGo,

Hi all.

I have a question with the email module.
I have a Active directory on a 2012 SRV R2.
I have create on nethserver the alias for user.
I have a problem for some user with 2 alias.
For receive mail no problem. but i want to send the email with an another alias.
To connect on the Sogo interface the user connect with : name.surname

For exemple the user have :
and the second alias :
I want to use the second alias for sending mail.
Is it possible ?

Thank’s for your help

I think with sogo it’s not possible



For the users which NEED to use more than one alias, use RoundCube as Webmail. It doesn’t bother SOGO, they don’t bite each other, and Roundcube allows sending from different Aliases…

My 2 cents
Andy Wismer

l understand.

But on a Android phone. If i write thé second mail alias. And the username for identification. Thé phone Say to verify email adress.
Inthink to create 2 users and create a forward mail on thé web interface.

I think this will be the easiest solution, but the user has to login with a different username.
For example service-computer

This is available with Sogo 5.0. via mail Identities (area where you modify signatures.)


That’s right.
I have modify this and After on Android phone thé sens mail was thé second alias.
On SOGo same.
Thanks for your help all !!