Can't update User Quota - reverts back after changing to original Quota value

NethServer Version: NethServer release 7.6.1810 (final)
Nextcloud: 15.0.2

Hello Team,

I’ve been upgrading my Nethserver and the Nextcloud app installed on it on a regular basis and have gone through a number of upgrades over the past year or more. But today I noticed a problem and can’t pinpoint when it occurred. Despite not knowing this detail I’m hoping this community can assist.

I have a domain installed through my Nethserver and therefore access my nextcloud through my nethserver domain ID. At some point in the past when I first setup my nextcloud I gave default space to my domain users. Today I discovered that I can’t change this Quota setting anymore? It appears I can change it in the Users settings of Nextcloud for a user to go from 1GB Quota to 10 GB Quota, no errors are seen in my logging. But when I go the files and folders section of Nextcloud for that user I see 1GB allowed. I go back to my Users setting and find it’s changed back to 1GB from the 10GB I just set.

Is there a save setting I’m missing when changing the User Quota?

Any help you can provide me would be greatly appreciated.

Cannot reproduce the problem. It is similar to Quote nextcloud reset automatic, but no conclusion was reached:

Are any of ldapQuotaAttribute or ldapQuotaDefault values set?

sudo -u apache scl enable rh-php71 -- php -dmemory_limit=512M /usr/share/nextcloud/occ ldap:show-config |grep -i quota

Hello @dnutan and thank you for this reply.

I issued your command and this was the result:

| ldapQuotaAttribute | |
| ldapQuotaDefault | 1 GB |
| ldapQuotaAttribute | |
| ldapQuotaDefault | |

What does the above results mean?

You may have a global directory quota set in LDAP/AD settings.
As nextcloud admin, check the quota related fields from Settings > LDAP / AD integration > Advanced > Special Attributes.

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Hey @dnutan, that setting in Special Attributes was set to 1GB! I’ve made it 10GB now and I’ve now been able to change any of my quota on my users and the setting stay to the value I set. Nice work!

Is there an appropriate setting to put in this Special Attribute that you would recommend I use?

Thanks again!

Nope. Mine is empty, but I don’t use quotas.
I don’t know if it was set through nextcloud or where the value came from. I guess it’s an LDAP field that other applications can set/check to assign quotas.

FYI, found a similar issue as you reported:

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That’s the answer I needed to know then. :slight_smile: I can leave that field empty then to not set a default quota from ldap for all users. Good to know!

I don’t recall ever setting this default so I’m unsure how it got there. But good to know I can remove it now and set the quota for certain users if I need to through the Nextcloud Users settings.

Thanks @dnutan