Quote nextcloud reset automatic


(Giuseppe) #1

**NethServer Version:7.3
Module:nexstcloud 12

Hello to all
something strange happens with nexstcloud, the set quotas are reset automatically, returning to the default value.
I set the default general quota to 5 GB, then in users of nexstcloud 10 GB for a user and unlimited for another user, after a few days they all return to 5 GB.
can you give me some info?


(Michael Träumner) #2

Did you do it directly at the config file or at the gui? If you do it at the config this is the problem. It is a template system and the config is overwritten by an update. If you want to do so, you have to build a custom template.

(Giuseppe) #3

thanks for you replay.
i do it for gui http://ipnethserver/nexstcloud.

please help me.


(Michael Träumner) #4

If you do it at the gui it shouldn’t be a problem. Could you have a look at the logs at the time it was set back to default? I think nextcloud log and messages.log are interesting for finding this behaviour.

(Michael Kicks) #5

A little question: do the GUI write the custom template or the settings of the app?

(Giacomo Sanchietti) #6

The UI should only edit configuration about database connection and LDAP queries for users.
I suggest you this approach:

  • change the quota using nextcloud web interface
  • save the modification time of configuration file
  • if something later is changed, check if something else had change the config during that time