Can't reach LAN of Nethserver

Hi can’t reach lan of my nethserver, i need to shutdown and reboot, in the log i can’t understand the cause of the problem, this is the /var/log/messages:

As you can see the nethserver stop working at 10:05:00 and i shutdown and restart at 11:38:23

About evebox log message (purger.go:87) – database disk image is malformed here’s a similar case:

Ok but this is the cause of blocking the system?

Malformed database probably is not the root cause but cannot say if evebox / IPS module is related to server unreachable or leading to a crash.

Anything interesting from journalctl, for instance:

journalctl --since "2023-03-14 10:00:00" --until "2023-03-14 11:38:40"

i need to create a new folder “journalctl” under /var/log? for fix this problem?

No need to create new folder. Maybe it just coincided with a log rotation.
Mine says:

Just check it again after next failure.

I try this command “journalctl --list-boots” on my Debian system and this is the output:

If i put the same command on nethserver i have only the last boot why??

OK. Then, instead of log rotation it could be because of reboots.
On mine it is the same, list-boots only shows one entry.

For journalctl to retain older boots you can use something like systemd - How do I display log messages from previous boots under CentOS 7? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

Hi @dnutan
For have history log of journalctl just create a folder “journal” under /var/log