Message: database disk image is malformed

Recently I’m seeing the log file messages :
mail evebox: 2021-07-27 10:40:18 (purger.go:87) – database disk image is malformed.
I restarted and updated to latest changes… still seeing this message. Not sure what or how to resolve this error ? Appreciate any help…
Thank you.

Seems a message from SQLite3…

Yes… when I check the EveBox… I find 3 messages date stamped with year 2122, 2154 and 2167. see photo… I don’t know why and or if I can delete them ? Could that be the cause for the malformed messages ?

Here are some tips from sqlite website:

(21) What is an SQLITE_CORRUPT error? What does it mean for the database to be “malformed”? Why am I getting this error?

An SQLITE_CORRUPT error is returned when SQLite detects an error in the structure, format, or other control elements of the database file.

You can use PRAGMA integrity_check to do a thorough but time intensive test of the database integrity.

systemctl stop evebox
sqlite3 /var/lib/evebox/events.sqlite "PRAGMA integrity_check;"

Thanks Dnutan…

I’m getting an error message after running above check:
Error: malformed database schema (events_escalated_view_index) - near “(”: syntax error

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You can ignore that error. To continue diagnosing your original error may I suggest you copy the events database to a machine with a more recent sqlite3 version, or you connect to the server through sftp and run the tests using a local copy of sqlite3 instead of the sqlite3 provided on CentOS?