Can't create users on second domain

Sorry but I can’t understand. Could you elaborate a bit?

By the way, if you need multiple identities you can user roundcube (/cc @transocean)

All I want is to create separate email IDs on multiple domains. Without need to create aliases.

Sorry @imzargar13 but it looks like to me that create separate email IDs on multiple domains is the medium not the goal. If I understood correctly you need just an email address with a different domain than the main one, am I wrong?

Having an address like username@maindomain is mandatory on NethServer 7 by design, so the right way is aliases.

What if I have and I want without need to create Like we do in zimbra!

Currently you can’t, I know it could be a bit awkward but it doesn’t mean that

its not ideal for multi domain email server.

as you said :slight_smile:

I know I could do it in previous version of neth, don’t know why did you guys moved to complexity :confused:

Hi ,
I’ve been looking for it all day. In neth 6.8 works well but in 7 missed. It would be very usefull .


Is this issue resolved in neth 7 final release? Anybody tested?


I think there is no problem - I’m on a multi domain configuration here with NS 7.3. Multi domain means multiple email domains, but a central single domain for management! In NS6.8 the multi email domain setup was looking different, yes.

In NS 7.3 you need to set up all users in the NS default domain. So they all will get the same default email domain, but you don’t need to use it. Typically I choose a private domain (no public DNS) for setup (e.g. Then you can add your real domains and add alias email addresses to the users as you need.

In the mail client you can use the alias mail as their default mail. This works perfect for:

  • Thunderbird
  • Roundcube
  • and nearly perfect for Sogo (here the user could still choose the internal domain to send out, but you can set your default as needed)
    In each client you could even add multiple imap accounts and work with different personalities.

What you can’t do:
You can not totally isolate the users from each mail domain from each other, because they will share a common public address book. Here a user from domain A could find a user from domain B.

Hope that helps.

Beside of that this is normally fine for a company, using multiple domains.


Great point. I couldn’t have done better than that. :relieved:

No. I think the way its in 6.8 is better. Let’s think from user POV not from a developer’s POV.
Thanks anyways!


@uliversal followed a different approach to solve that problem

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i also think a true multi domain email will be very useful.

really hope to see it in near future.



You wrote that works. But I can’t login via Roundcube and Thunderbird. Only local (main) domain works (for example ns.local) with Roundcube.

"In the mail client you can use the alias mail as their default mail. This works perfect for:

  • Thunderbird
  • Roundcube "


yes that’s the way you login into Roundcube or Thunderbird. But then the real trick:
In Roundcube change email address in settings-server-identities to your alias mail. The user will not see the lcoal (main) email anymore (also login in Roundcube can be done with the local name only - the part before @localdomain).
This ends up in a fully working multi domain scenario - I’m using it here.

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You have right. I checked it. It is not a problem for one user. But it can be burdensome to change for every new user.


I landed on this page being confronted to the same question as the title states.

So one has to create aliases to a “main” domain in order to receive mails onto the newly created domain. Okay.

But that also means that the final user has to use a login containing another (primary) domain in order to access the secondary domain, wether trough IMAP, SMTP, or any webmail ?

Sorry but, even while i truly LOVE nethserver, that’s not the way one would normally expect a multi-domain (sic) server to work.

I can understand the former V6 users that claims it was better before, even if I only know V7 :slight_smile:

NS is not multi-domain itself, only the mail server can handle multiple mail domains.

Even if this is not the best practice, you can use only the user name (without domain part) to login to IMAP server.

Thanks Giacomo.

Are there any plans to make this evolve ?

Sadly not, NS (6/7) has always been mono-domain.
Adding multi domain feature is much much more complex than configuring only the mail server part.