Templates in NS7 still based on users in accounts DB

I’m using NethServer v7.3.
While trying to solve some problems with mail configuration (see Need help with setting up a Catch-All-account (getmail MultidropPOP3Retriever) - #3 by uliversal) I found out that the accounts DB does not contain users or groups.
Output of

db accounts show

only lists pseudonyms and ibays in my configuration (though I’ve created users and groups).

I found the following information:

My understanding is, that now you have to use SSSD now to query users and groups, right?
But template scripts/fragments for NS7 in


are still based on using the accounts DB (use esmith::AccountsDB;) for user queries.

Examples (no complete list):


I think this has to be altered to use LDAP/AD as seen here:


Also the page

still mentions Accounts Database: Groups and User.


I confirm, glibc NSS (by means of SSSD) is our users&groups DB.

I confirm, this is the intended behavior! NSS does not provide “extended attributes”, so we retained old user records in AccountsDB to store attributes like user mail quota, and mail forward address.

It probably requires some corrections!

Ok, so a user can only be found in the accounts db if there is a “user mail quota” or a “mail forward address” configured?

Exactly! Other packages could define additional user attributes and store them in AccountDB as we used to do in ns6 branch.