Cannot join QNAP to Domain


(Eitan Orgil) #22

OK, thank you for clarifying that for me.
Now, with that in mind, why will the QNAP try to connect to the domain controller as:
Also, as I wrote in the beginning, in QNAP I have the error message:
[Security mode] Failed to join domain. Cannot resolve domain. Check DNS server, AD servewr name and Domain.
Cannot resolve Domain
What name should I put in the DNS?
The QNAP is configured to use the NS DNS:

the IP of is the internet connection gateway

(Federico Ballarini) #23

Settings -> Win/Mac/NFS -> Microsoft Networking -> Advanced Options

Check settings in this page.

(Eitan Orgil) #24

where? on the NS or QNAP

(Federico Ballarini) #25

Check on QNAP

(Davide Principi) #26

Do not set an host that’s not an AD domain controller as secondary DNS: it might lead to problems as it does not have records required by AD clients.

What is the FQDN of the QNAP? I’d expect something like

The domain suffix must match the AD one.

The DNS domain name of AD is ad.mydomain.local. You put the FQDN of the DC instead!

(Eitan Orgil) #27

Well, this is the only name that will give me a domain server to choose when trying to connect to the domain, when I write ad.mydomain.local, I get an empty selection screen to choose from…(see earlier messages)

(Eitan Orgil) #28

The QNAP does not have that name as he is not a part of the domain yet…
I don’t know If i can write it’s FQDN or where to…

(Michael Kicks) #29

Do the QNAP NAS has the same computer/hostname that had before?
Was the Computer Account removed from the NSAD structure?

(Eitan Orgil) #30

Yes, the QNAP has the same name, and yes, the computer account was deleted from the NSAD structure

(Eitan Orgil) #31


I have installed a Microsoft Domain server and connected the QNAP to it with no problem.

To the best of my understanding, the QNAP is configured correctly, so the error is located on the NethServer, and probably in the DNS area.

Thank you all for your help so far

(Davide Principi) #32

This is possible but is not the only explanation, because others succeeded in a similar task.

This is bogus, for sure.

(Markus Neuberger) #33

You may try to disable strong auth:

Samba wiki:

(Michael Kicks) #34

Maybe I am wrong… DNS server used by qnap should be the container (nsdc) or Nethserver?