Can not receive emails from outside

hi i need help with mail server
everything working fine except for receiving emails from outside local network "over the internet"
i have a registered domain with godaddy and i updated the Arecord of the domain to point out to my server static ip address
but whenever i try to send an email to any local email it fails with this this message
Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain “” by

Hi @hany ,

Please attach there /var/log/maillog , for further investigation, and please provide us ip or domain name.


Is you server directly connected on internet with the static IP adress or there other stuff betweenn your FAI box and your server?
If your server is directly connected and act as firewall gateway, just wait few hours to wait for DNS replication…

@hany please check this topic, maybe it is the same case :

the server is directly connected to the modem nothing inbetween
and i have static IP address
and whenever i ping my domain to points to my static ip address

the mail log is so big is there a way to attach it ?

Did you properly define your DNS Zone, in your Godday panel?
With the MX record…

no i just added the Arecord to be my static ip
how can i do that and what is needed to added there ?
the Arecord is the only thing i ve changed in the DNS settings in godaddy

@hany , you need to make port forward on your modem to your local NS server

Google “Dns zone godaddy” and/or “Mx record godaddy”

You will have the proper answer.

Sorry to not give the link, but when I click on the google result… Godaddy redirect me on Portuguese pages…
(stupid redirection by country)

all ports are open by default in the modem
that’s what my ISP said
that’s why u can send emails outside easily but u cant receive emails from outside

i will thanks you            599     IN      A            3599    IN      MX      10            3599    IN      MX      0            3599    IN      NS

but you have no open ports from outside

[root@nethserver log]# nmap

Starting Nmap 5.51 ( ) at 2016-01-18 21:01 EET
nexthost: failed to determine route to

You have to define an MX record too in order to be able to receive mail. The MX record should (also) point to the external IP adres of your NethServer.

You say NS has a static external IP adres, so the only thing that is needed for other mailservers to ‘find’ your mailserver on NethServer, is an MX record in DNS (you have to configure this with your registrar, in your case, godaddy)

OK… yelled a bit too soon… :smile: as @NAS pointed: there are 2 MX records available.

Your provider says (probably correct) that there are no closed ports on the modem. But your NethServer does have closed ports.
Open the ports for IMAP/IMAPS/POP/POPS/SMTP (whatever protocol you want to use) on NethServer Firewall and you will be fine.

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[root@nethserver log]# dig any

;; ANSWER SECTION:  299     IN      A

The exact page on godaddy site:

@hany ,

Let me summarize :

  1. Your IP is, it has firewall and it is inaccessible from Internet.
  2. Your domain is pointed to MX and it should be pointed to MX

Only in those case mail would work as expected.


it seems to me a routing error, not a “all closed ports” one

@zamboni do not be … How nmap works?

telnet 25
Does not response

thanks so much guys for all the help and your instant responses
i will try to change the godaddy mx record and open the ports needed