Can I mount ibay folder on a RAID 1 partition?

After a little searching, I was able to find the location for SMB shared folders. Nestled in /var/lib/nethserver is a folder that is called ibay, this directory is the place that you shared folders are created and stay. I have no idea why, but that is where they end up. I also found that home / profiles / netlogon / print_driver / and ibay (shared SMB folders) are all in the /var/lib/nethserver directory.

My interest is to mount ibay as it’s own mounted location. I have a full 1TB Raid 1 partition that I would like to setup as the ibay mount and allow the created shared samba folders to reside.

So should I be able to mount ibay folder

mount /dev/md3   /var/lib/nethserver/ibay  

and should my fstab reflect the following?

UUID=0233de1c:1a70a162:b5d5095a:f315bb06      /dev/md3      /var/lib/nethserver/ibay   ext4   defaults,acl,auto  1 1

If not please let me know what would be the best method to make the 1TB RAID 1 partition set as ibay mount point.

Thanks for your help,


I have had the same issue, the way I am managing this is by using symbolic links and mounting the partition to /media, but in theory your solution should work, only difference is that I don’t like using UUIDs and would specify the partition ID instead (eg sdb1).

Medworthy thanks for chiming in… much appreciated.

So would you suggest me putting the following?

/dev/md3 /data ext4 defaults 0 0


/dev/md3 /data ext4 defaults,acl,auto 1 1

and for symbolic linking would that mean that I create a Shared Folder and then change that in ibay folder, I create a symbolic link as the folder that will point to /data? or am I not thinking of this correctly?



I’ve not a personal experience on what you’re suggesting, anyway it sounds good.

Please have a look at this thread too

Would it be possible to move /var/lib/nethserver content to me /data directory and symboliclink /var/lib/nethserver to /data???

Process I am thinking about doing –

# cp -p -r /var/lib/nethserver /data

Move the original /var/lib/nethserver directory to a safe place:

# mv /var/lib/nethserver  /root/

Create the symlink:

# ln -s /data/nethserver /var/lib/nethserver

Does this stand any chance of working? Let me know.



I think the symlink is not necessary if the volume is mounted in the right point.

As suggested from the link above, I’d consider a separate /var volume (not only /var/lib/nethserver).

Link also causes permissions problems; my experience anyways. What I did was use mounts bind option in fstab so there was no linking of files, the original data structure still exists but points to a separate folder on a RAID 5 configuration.

/mnt/md124/music        /var/lib/nethserver/ibay/music  auto    bind,gid=46,defaults    0 0

If you modify fstab, be sure to check the documentation about keeping the changes, they are lost on subsequent reboots if you don’t.


Where did you find the documentation? Could you give us the link to it, to share your experience?

Development Manual
Administrator Manual

The fstab piece I mentioned is in the Development manual under Filesystems Options


Interesting discussion! @Shadowfire please keep us in touch about your accomplishments

I went ahead and tried the symboliclink /var/lib/nethserver to /data and placing the /dev/md3 /data ext4 defaults,acl,auto 1 1 in fstab.

So far it is working fine. I have not had issues with permissions problems. But it hasn’t been running very long. If it ends up being a problem and I start seeing permission problems or other issues I will let you know.

Thanks Lsllpfd19 for posting an alternative, if I should need a backup plan I will move that direction.

Thanks everyone for chiming in to help.



Could you please add more details about this configuration?

Here is my fstab:

/dev/mapper/VolGroup-lv_root    /       ext4    defaults,acl,user_xattr 1 1 
UUID=be911fd2-35fd-4949-8f56-91a6a0dde5fb       /boot   ext3    defaults        1 2 
/dev/mapper/VolGroup-lv_swap    swap    swap    defaults        0 0 
tmpfs   /dev/shm        tmpfs   defaults        0 0 
devpts  /dev/pts        devpts  gid=5,mode=620  0 0 
sysfs   /sys    sysfs   defaults        0 0 
proc    /proc   proc    defaults        0 0 
/dev/md3        /data   ext4    defaults,acl,auto 1 1 

Not sure what other info you would like. Please specify and I will make it happen if I can.


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