Call to all NethServians to help Jose out

Dear Community,
I think this is a first and hopefully a last urgent call on the community to help a fellow community member out. @jjimenez is in trouble. BIG trouble. He lives in Venezuela and his family and inlaws are all caught with mild to severe Corona disease. Venezuela used to be a country with very high medical standards, but nowadays the cowboys have taken over. Medicins like Remdisivir and Meropenen are costing huge amounts of money. Up to $120,- per dose.
Jose is the only one in his family that can help them. Together with his wife he almost has a dayjob visiting his relatives. Because of the steep costs for medication, he has run out of money.
If you can spare a few dollars, please donate to his crowdfunding campaign or directly to his paypal account. The situation in Venezuela is currently bad, very bad… please help him out and give him the chance to save his family.
We had a talk in the ambassadors meeting and all concluded, even this could be considered spam or off-topic, this IS an emergency and therefor we allowed this topic.
Please donate a bit. If you can mis a few dollars, he will be helped enormously.
The crowdfunding project:

or his direct paypal account:

Thank you on behalf of Jose and his family.


The central bank of Venezuela has filed a claim against the Bank of England (BoE) to force it to release $1 billion of gold to help the country tackle its growing coronavirus pandemic. Link.



@jjimenez: Stay healthy and good luck to you and your family.




Jose, positive mind and you will see how you get out of this.
Take care of yourself


Friends, I am immensely grateful for that helping hand, I have never been through this so hard. My family is coming out of the storm, They are improving considerably slowly but surely. My mother is very grateful for her contributions. God Bless you all and his Family and Friends. We pray every day for you.


Bumping this topic, since Jose and his family desperately need the attention and not to mention some donations.
If you can spare a few dollars, please consider to donate.

thank you on behalf of the NethServer Community


-modbreak- unless you have your masters degree on medicins, please refrain from posting unsolicited, unproven claims.

Why are to censoring and deleting answers?? You may post an argument against my statement but simply deleting it whithout even knowning anything about my knowledge is against free speech, open discussion

-modbreak- This is not a discussion topic. And frankly, in this case I don’t even want to know about your knowledge on this.
You make the wrong assumption that the freedom of speech is the same as the freedom to be heard.
These forums are not to start holy wars on covid-19. I will not tolerate any further ‘discussion’ on this. If you want to help a fellow community member out, please donate.

friends, I’m not a doctor and I can’t question you even knowing something about medicines.

those are all the medicines my family has been asked to do. the help that I have asked the world is about bearing the costs of medicines and medical services. I’ve already reached the bottom of my income. My crisis includes an operation on my mother’s femur and hip that was complicated, from then on the whole family became contaminated with covid while in the waiting room of the intensive care units. Thank you all and many blessings


Exactly why I moderated the post: This is not about what is true and what is not, This is not about what medicin to use or not. The PERSONAL PHYSICIAN (=educated doctor) of @jjimenez prescribed those medicins. Who are we to discuss if he is doing a good job?
FACT is that the vultures boosted prices for lifesaving medicines up to $120,- per dose.
Medicines that keep his relatives alive.
I will not tolerate any bashing on what kind of believe anyone has towards covid-19 and the possible treatments, nor speculation.
If you want to convince anyone, please send a pm.


When a person is in distress, they need help first and foremost, not discussion. It is as simple as that!

The best help is the help, that solves the money and health problem. And that is what I was trying to do.

Agreed, and the health problem is taken care of by doctors. The money problem is something we can pitch in.
I even investigated if it is possible to buy in Europe and send medicines over to Venezuela. Contacted many friends here, but non had direct lines to pharma companies willing to cooperate.
The only thing left is donating money and help out to save lives.

No, because this is under the assumption that the treetment with antiviral grugs really helps. And this not clear, even the WHO warns nowadays against the drugs it originally recommended. And this should be alarming. That pharma companies and pharma investors like Gates continue with their propanda to sell their expensive drugs is not astonishing, but the sad thing is, that this is not neccessary healthy. We even know that many of the experimental treatmets last year were fatal. So now it is the time to think yourself and research and ask the right doctors (many be at least more than one).

Again, you have the right to your opinion. I previously stated, this is not a discussion topic, but one for raising money. I urge you to not try to discuss this further.
(Anyone) Please do hit that Airfunding link or direct paypal link and help Jose out.


Friends my mother is already walking slowly but surely thanks to God, Thank you for your valuable help. We have already gotten out of some debts, I have taken some jobs below cost to be able to pay little by little.

My brother, wife and in-laws are responding well to the treatments thanks to God.

You will see my mother happy, my wife and I are happy to see her with more courage and energy. she sends you many blessings.


Good news. I’m glad that everything is taking its course. A smile gives inner strength and calms others.



On Monday I was able to see my brother and his family in resistance tests without oxygen to see how their lungs and oxygen are doing. Thank God everything is going well with good results, they changed the most expensive medicines for others to strengthen the immune system. They have given us deadlines to cancel debts, with their contributions we have managed to cancel a part, including food, medicines and medical expenses.

Thanks from my heart.


Friends, my family is being discharged for covid, even with rest and medicine but now out of danger, thank God.