Building rh-mariadb105 for arm 32bit

Sooner or later a nextcloud update is in need of a newer version of mariadb (mysql).

Looks like it is going to be the scl rh-mariadb105, those familiar with the el7 arm 32-bit infra structure know there are no SCL’s available from upstream CentOS…

So we need to build those ourselves and the build worked out.

Opened an issue for this in arm-dev:

Now my question: How to test this thoroughly ? :thinking:

cc/ @arm_team


I provide a pr with a migration script for nc21, at the end nc21 is up and migrated from mariadb55 to mariadb105

It should be a good test


It passed the first test: install and basic functionally:


Uploaded minimal stack for NC21 of rh-mariadb105-*.ns7.armv7hl.rpm to arm-testing. :innocent:


And it passed this test too! Kudos to @stephdl :cake:


In this case rh-mariadb105-*.ns7.armv7hl.rpm needs to be uploaded to armhfp updates…
For rh-php73 we made a subdirectory to host the SCL-packages:

If we want rh-mariadb105 in a subdirectory too, they need to be uploaded manually. AFIAK I am not able to do that.

The armv7hl packages live here:

and in

If it is desirable to be able to rebuild rh-mariadb105 for armv7hl form NS repositories it’s build dependency rh-maven35 need to be uploaded too:

I just copied the RPMs from testing and put them inside a subdir:

Can you please verify that everything looks ok?
Bear in mind that the mirrors will be in sync in few hours.

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Yes it is ok, thx !

Already love my pimox (Proxmox on a PI) test-setup: revert snapshot and install again. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: