Building Quality Team

You’re welcome, just added you to the team.
Please, get start from this
Let’s choose an issue and follow test cases!

Woah, a lot of work here!! :smile: :smile:
@vcc you’re a great Testing Team coordinator! Take a look at this guy!

Please write a simple document to explain the testing process as suggested above!

Ehi take a look at these guys!! :smile:

Woah @vcc

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I moved a post to a new topic: Template for the verification process in redmine

@mabeleira, @fasttech, @medworthy, @vcc, @dz00te
what do think to write togheter “How to make QA”

We should write down guidelines, hints, best practices. This could be a good starting point:

What about?


i’ll try to write something this weekend

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Happy to hear that :wink:

hi @alefattorini
what do you think to create a subcategory qa/testing under the category development (like Translations)? it’s easier to select/search than with tags :slight_smile: :pray:

Why not? Are there already some discussions about it?

if you mean about the creation of the category, i don’t think…
if you mean if there are discussion that can be moved inside the new category:
all in:
some of:
and others like:

maybe some others…

Yes they are, what do you think @davidep? Should we add such category? We can call it just “Testing”

great idea @dz00te :thumbsup:

@alefattorini why don’t we have it yet!?

Are you sure? :laughing:
@dz00te happy testing with your new category :wink:

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@dz00te this man could be a good new member of this group, what do you think? /cc @GG_jr

yes, of course, if @GG_jr is interested in joining testing team and help with some qa/test is very wellcome, you know, the more the merrier :grin:

Thank you Alessio,
Thank you dz00te,

I’d feel honored to be part of the test team.

I want you to know I do not know much about Linux.
As I said, I’m still learning.

However, I think I can be a good member of the test team.

If you will read this, Some question about E-mail and SOGO, you will know that I’m interested to use NS as email server for multiple domains (and not only) and I will try to bring my contribution to improving this use.

Kind regards,

As @dz00te already said :smile:

certainly doing qa / testing allows you to learn more about the project day by day “without Being a Programming Genius or a Rock Star”

Take a look at the discussions quoted above! And keep an eye on issue on QA status:
Or help people to improve their bug reports!

Thanks @dz00te!
@GG_jr you’re aboard :smiley:

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Hi Alessio,
Hi dz00te,

Thank you for your trust!

I will do my best to be not only a good Testing Team Member, but also an efficient Testing Team Member and why not, a good and efficient NS Team Member!

Kind regards,