Building Quality Team

Ehi take a look at these guys!! :smile:

Woah @vcc

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I moved a post to a new topic: Template for the verification process in redmine

@mabeleira, @fasttech, @medworthy, @vcc, @dz00te
what do think to write togheter “How to make QA”

We should write down guidelines, hints, best practices. This could be a good starting point:

What about?


i’ll try to write something this weekend

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Happy to hear that :wink:

hi @alefattorini
what do you think to create a subcategory qa/testing under the category development (like Translations)? it’s easier to select/search than with tags :slight_smile: :pray:

Why not? Are there already some discussions about it?

if you mean about the creation of the category, i don’t think…
if you mean if there are discussion that can be moved inside the new category:
all in:
some of:
and others like:

maybe some others…

Yes they are, what do you think @davidep? Should we add such category? We can call it just “Testing”

great idea @dz00te :thumbsup:

@alefattorini why don’t we have it yet!?

Are you sure? :laughing:
@dz00te happy testing with your new category :wink:

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@dz00te this man could be a good new member of this group, what do you think? /cc @GG_jr

yes, of course, if @GG_jr is interested in joining testing team and help with some qa/test is very wellcome, you know, the more the merrier :grin:

Thank you Alessio,
Thank you dz00te,

I’d feel honored to be part of the test team.

I want you to know I do not know much about Linux.
As I said, I’m still learning.

However, I think I can be a good member of the test team.

If you will read this, Some question about E-mail and SOGO, you will know that I’m interested to use NS as email server for multiple domains (and not only) and I will try to bring my contribution to improving this use.

Kind regards,

As @dz00te already said :smile:

certainly doing qa / testing allows you to learn more about the project day by day “without Being a Programming Genius or a Rock Star”

Take a look at the discussions quoted above! And keep an eye on issue on QA status:
Or help people to improve their bug reports!

Thanks @dz00te!
@GG_jr you’re aboard :smiley:

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Hi Alessio,
Hi dz00te,

Thank you for your trust!

I will do my best to be not only a good Testing Team Member, but also an efficient Testing Team Member and why not, a good and efficient NS Team Member!

Kind regards,


@dz00te what do you think about this guy? /cc @Adam
He looks a good tester and bug reporter to me.

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it’s official, you have put a spyware into my pc :grin: i’m thinking about it yesterday, searching a nice way to invite him (and future members) in joining testing team something like:
hey adam do you like testing software? if yes, do you want join the testing team? please read here
which is your preferred reason?

or to adapt this page, to invite new members in nethserver testing team

but you’re always a step ahead or I am too slow, so, i can only say that if @Adam is interested in joining testing team and help with some qa/test, is very wellcome :smile: