NS8: Unable to remove App from UI when its repository is disabled

Could be a bug caused by a user trying to break things even when some of his actions make no sense.

  1. Install and configure an app
  2. Disable app’s source software repository (why? :person_shrugging:)
  3. App is accessible only from App Launcher but cannot be uninstalled/removed (at least from UI)


I think it is a feature, for example when you add a module for testing with add-module, the app is not listed in the software center but in the application menu

If that is a feature, then I’d like to propose a new feature / function that goes hand in hand with this.

Disable which user can enable a repository.

This way, an admin user can enable a repo, install apps, disable the repo. Then no any other admin can remove it, unless they use ssh

Related to disabling repositories:
When disabling default repository the “Core apps” modal window cannot list installed core apps.

For me it can stay as is …just reporting it.