Basic network configuration recovery tool

The goal is to make Server Manager reachable again without knowing the right commands. A possible solution:

  • Say in /etc/motd that network-recovery is the command for you if you’re in trouble with the network connection
  • Implement the network-recovery command that asks for a temporary IP, netmask, gateway, dns
    • It clears up firewall and IP configuration on all ethernet cards
    • It creates a bridge brdef with all ethernet cards
    • It applies the temporary IP configuration.
    • By default it runs signal-event interface-update && signal-event firewall-adjust on exit. We could allow to quit the tool by keeping the temporary configuration

What do you think?


:slight_smile: Something like that would have saved me a lot of time today. Could be very useful indeed.

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I admit I’d love it today when I installed NS7.7 ARM on Raspberry pi3

I could really use a tool like this. great idea

What kind of trouble we could run into if implemented? What scenario’s can we think of to abuse this feature?

It can be abused by applying the temporary configuration even if not needed: a working network configuration could be wiped out.

We could ensure the tool is executed from a physical console (not SSH) to avoid lockouts.

Another problem could be if the “temporary config” is never fixed. At next reboot the issue is there again: server is unreachable.

What do you think to always run signal-event interface-update when the tool quits? This ensures the running configuration is consistent with Server Manager.

Another solution can be: the tool cannot quit until Server Manager applies a working configuration.

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