Base Training Hangout


Does anyone offer any web based training (informal) covering common installation and configuration tasks?

Whilst I have only come across a small number of issues during my time using NethServer (all resolved quickly thanks to the support of the awesome community :smile: ) I would definately benefit from learning how Nethersever should be installed and configured using best practices.

This could be ran as a google hang out session.

I know PfSense run monthly google hangouts covering a new topic every month (which you have to have a yearly support contract to use). Maybe something similar would be good for NethServer?

Just a thought



Nethesis already offers online/on-site training and phone support for their customers (as pfsense you have to have a support contract to use)
It’s hard for us (as community) give this kind of service, really time-consuming :-\ maybe could be some volunteer…
But I do want have a community hangout with some of us, chatting together and knowing each other. What do you think about this?

Time ago someone suggested a youtube channel with online tutorial, like such idea but again it’s hard :smile:

Do you want start with it? :smile:

Thanks so much for the reply,

It would be really good for the community to be able to have a handout whereby we could share experiences, ideas and get to know each other over a realtime multimedia medium.

NethServer is blessed with an amazing community, in fact it’s the best open source community I am currently involved in - which is a testiment to the efforts of everyone involved in NethServer. Having a handout will only strengthen the community in my opinion.

Totally agree with you, I prefer face to face meeting but in our case it’s not doable, at the moment.
Alternatively a monthly hangout could be a good idea whereby, as you said, we could:

  • share experience
  • show our work on NethServer
  • introduce some future developments
  • know each other
  • strengthen the community
  • have a lot of fun

I can try to organize it, are you going to join us? Someone else?

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You can definately count me in :smile:

Hi guys I surely want to join! :smiley:

Count me in

Count me too…

I think that we could also make an hangout test sharing the link of a public ones end see who can join on it… like a chat. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi guys this sounds very interesting :smile: I’m in too, if time permits.

Of which GMT? :stuck_out_tongue:


Me too.

Can we scheduled it next week on Wendsday or Thuesday? Could it fit for someone?
Please enter this URL, select your timezone and check some options:

@andreac @AbsyntH @Ctek @etino @mabeleira could you check last post?

I’m fine with both wednesday and thursday, whatever works best for the others.

I could possibly make Thursday, are the times based on GMT or BST?

no way…i can only in the evening after 22:00 ( Summer Time = GMT+2 )

On thursday my wife’s grandma is turning 98, i might join but it will
depend on time as we have a birthday celebration.


I’d skip hangout and go to the celebration!

(and, of course, take a picture of grandma :blue_heart: NethServer)

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It seems that this thursday at 13 CEST (11 am GMT) could fit for most of participants.
Please @warren_midgley @sitz @Ctek @andreac @etino could you send a personal message with your Google account?
Anyone want add himself to the list?