How does NethServer act in some scenarios?

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(Bandwidth for specific user, MAC or IP address):

Ehi community, can you help me to answer @EMMAN ? Do you have some fresh examples and scenarios based on your experience?

I have already some hints here but they’re strictly based on hardware and numbers :slight_smile:

tagging some expert here @FixitFelix @transocean @a4rgl @AZChas @pierre_bourdin @miles @cronopio @ironsky

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NethServer is a great performer for SMEs and can provide email, gateway, firewall, etc and host Websites. It really is a highly configurable system, and in our business, has replaced other hardware completely.

You can install applications specific to your industry sector, from the Software Center or other sources.

NethServer does not limit the type of application you can have; decide on the application that best suits your business needs, install it and then use it. For example, installing Wordpress gives you a website with so many templates there is probably one that may match your business perfectly.

Our own experience shows it is capable of supporting 10-15 users on modest hardware with less than 4Gb RAM.


Great contribution man! Just curious, are you using wordpress addon by @stephdl or virtualhost on NethServer 7?

We are using NethServer 6.8 final and installed Wordpress from NethForge. We will migrate to v7 soon.


More work for @stephdl :slight_smile:
It looks like the wordpress module is very used

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@a4rgl install nethserver-wordpress from my repository, the version is higher.

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From using Sophos, to Zentyal, and now Nethserver I’ve stopped with Nethserver. My primary use for NS is to serve as my gateway, firewall, dhcp server, DC, File server, DNS, VPN, IPS and DPI as well as my nextcloud server and VM host server. Instead of having several boxes running I now have one and it works extremely well and is very dependable.

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