Backup/restore (DR)

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I know and I have installed the backup module. While I found the following documents, its still unclear how to restore it (especially the configuration backup) to another device (or same device should it fail).

Steps to be executed:

  1. Install the new machine with the same host name as the old one
  2. Configure a data backup, so the system can retrieve saved data and configuration
  3. If the old machine was the network gateway, remember to re-install firewall module
  4. Install additional packages (optional)
  5. Restore the configuration backup from page Backup (configuration) > Restore in Server Manager, or executing: restore-config
  6. If a warning message requires it, reconfigure the network roles assignment. See Restore network roles below.
  7. Verify the system is functional
  8. Restore data backup executing: restore-data

On step 5, it did not mention how get the configuration backup from the a failed system. On my test machine, configuration backup do not have specifics on where to dump the backup unlike the Data backup.

Steps are correct, I did a couple of tests in the past.
I think that you need to scp the configuration backup from your client to the server (in my tests, I used NethServer Enterprise which automatically saves and retrieves the config backup from the cloud).
I had the feeling that running step 4 (package install) after config restore (step 5) makes the restore faster.
I’d like to hear opinions from others who did a disaster recovery.

In the tests I made, the configuration backup was made automaticaly with the data backup.

The configuration backup was restored from the data backup with "restore-config"
The data backup was restored from the same backup with "restore-data"
In all the tests I made I formated the disk and installed the NethServer from scratch. Then installed all the modules that were installed before the "disaster"
After that “restore-config” and “restore-data”

All the tests I did gone smoothly without any failure and I made several tests

If you do the disaster recovery as explained in the administrator manual you will be fine

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Thanks so much @vcc, I’m gonna keep that in mind and going to try that maybe nextweek after I deal with some things here.

Yup…I can confirm that following the instruction has restored the backup. Just let me share my experiences below:

  1. First, configure the machine to restore the backup which should be similar to the original server.
  2. Restore the services/modules installed on the original server.
  3. Configure the Backup (data) location similar to the original server.
  4. While on the Backup (Configuration), click on the Restore tab. It might not show the last backup but clicking on the Restore Backup button will give you an idea it is restoring something because of the status bar.
  5. After restoration, I’ve checked the users as well as the emails…however, I was greeted with blank mailboxes, even the settings have been reset. The users are there with the proper password, however, mails and config is missing.
  6. I re-read the instructions and at this time, I issued the “restore-data” command in my home folder.
  7. After sometime, I tried to log in to email and verified that the mails and config has been restored. However, server response seemed slow (I think this has something to do with amavisd…as is not shitting down, the system terminated the process for successfully restarted) and I restarted NethServer and everything went back to normal.


How can I restore only users not all configuration to new server

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Can you explain why you need this specific case, maybe you don’t need it and i’m quite sure that the selective setting restoration is not implemented

On my old server webfilter is not working users are able to access sites even they are restricted.So I have configured new instance.

For reference please access below link.

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I’m not a guru of restoration but if you just need to restore the settings and not the data of users you can have a go on the config backup of NS. However if your issue came from bad settings in the database…you will restore in the new server your problem…hence I understand your question.

Edit…i’m at work and i cannot verify if the config backup save all databases or only the configuration database

So instead of migrating config I will manually create the users and reconfigure the webfilter in the new server.

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