Backup, probably the most important feature a server has

IMO the title says it all. Besides that, the restore procedure makes or breaks a decent backup solution. I have seen many different solutions and even wannabe solutions for backup. But to be honest, I don’t know the backup and restore procedure (both config and data) for NethServer too well.
What I do know is that in a perfect world (besides never ever having the need of using your backups :slight_smile: ) a 1 click restore would be all you need. There are very few possibilities for such a thing. 2nd best would be an easy, foolproof method for backup and restore.
@stephdl has been very busy with urbackup. I have to have a look at it. For what I read it must be reasonably easy to use. But I am not competely sure if it would be sufficient for a bit larger environments (correct me if I am wrong here)
Now on my ever lasting search to new options I stumbled upon BURP. It is an opensource application based on bacula, but with an easy to use interface.
Maybe someone want to test this as a backup solution?

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I think that Redhat is pushing for disaster recovery.
But different backups are needed to cover all needs. Disaster recovery is only one possible scenario.
Performance-wise, my favorite tool is Borg. I’m using it on Fedora, I think it need some work to run on CentOS 7.
I will contribute my ideas on backup next week.

I took a look on BURP, the software is nice with interesting features, the UI can be installable with PIP

you have a demo if you want to play with. When I tested I felt that the UI is not really comfortable…of course I can be wrong. In fact I’m still using BackupPC, even if it is an old piece of software, It is my 4X4 backup, you can do so much things with it.