Avahi as a standalone package in the software center


Is it possible to have the avahi package as a standalone package in the software center ?

In the webgui, to install Avahi, we must install CUPS, the printer manager.

We need to create a new package groups, but I don’t think it can be useful,
But it will be useful if we will have an implementation for Apple integration :smile:

No, you should say:

But it will be useful when we will have an implementation of Apple integration :smile:

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One ( or two ) more things.

Take a look at this page to see what benefits avahi can bring to us:

And when the avahi-daemon was setting up, I see two new firewall objects in the firewall rules module, the printer and the time-capsule, the two are wirelessly connected.
It can be a great help to configure the firewall, isn`t it ?

Here a screen shot:

The two objets “LAN Host …” were self created.

Don’t be cruel with this little service that can do great job.

This little Daemon don’t merit to be hide by CUPS.

Let Avahi be a standalone package in the Software Center :+1:

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If we have more people interested in this, I will do the job.

Do you need it for this improve this howto?

Avahi is the fist step to make Nethserver Mac friendly.

When I had tested by the webgui way, installing CUPS too,
All the fist step of the Howto ( installation/configuration of avahi ) was done.

There’s lot of people who use Nethserver as Firewall/Gateway/Router, and need Avahi to:

  • Make all the firewall rules in the easy way.
  • Make connected ressources ( computer, printer, services…) discoverables for any machines; Even for a guest smartphone, a guest tablet to sent a file on a webdav ressource or print something.
  • Because any consumer routers have this fonction available, so Nethserver which is lot of more, must have too.

Really, Avahi make things easy and deserve to be a standalone package for the next Nethserver version.

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I can create a new yum group on NS 7, so avahi will be available from the web interface.
But it will be useless with a correct configuration: we need templates and database properties.
Am I correct, @Jim?

If so, please, create a pull request and I will integrate the modification inside the core package :wink:

A package Nethserver-avahi already exist ( I discover it after my experimentations)

I thing there nothing More to do

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Maybe we need just a new doc which explains the things you have described above. Would you like to create a new one?

I can’t edit my post

One more argumentation to make Avahi a stand alone package :smile:

Edit: where is the Nethserver-avahi package now?
I didn’t see it as depensency in the Print Server…

Honestly, I don’t know how much this module would be used, I’d like to hear from others too.
Can I reword the topic as “Avahi as a standalone package to make Nethserver Mac friendly”?

Read all the topic newly… All has been wrote
Even a Windows client use avahi to discover ressources on the network ( printer, scanners, and shares other than Windows shares)
Even a basic consumer router have Avahi…

And the AVAHI deamon is always a “print server” slave…
This lovely deamon not obtain is liberty, is autonomy in the 7 version :persevere: :persevere: