Automatic upgrade to mail2

(Davide Principi) #1

Since NethServer 7.5 was released new installations of the Mail module are based on mail2 packages, and run Rspamd as spam filter. Existing installations based on amavisd-new can be upgraded manually, as announced here:

I think the new Mail module is stable enough to fully replace the older one in an automatic way. I propose to release an automatic upgrade to the Rspamd based implementation.

Maintaining two different implementations that do the same thing is a waste of energy!

What do you think?

Software Center does not reflect installed modules
(Dan) #2

It sounds like a good idea. What are the risks? Have we seen unintended or unexpected operation as a result of the manual upgrades?

(Markus Neuberger) #3

I agree, all my servers are upgraded already.
Only issue may be with raspberry arm implementation as it seems not easy to use mail2 because of RAM usage (clamav), see

(Davide Principi) #4

With Raspberry I guess the best thing to do is to avoid mail-filter completely: too much RAM required!

Not here

(Mark Verlinde) #5

Work has been done and it is possible to install nethserver-mail2 without the nethserver-mail2-filter package (e.g. make it optional) . Did no work / testing on arm though and the repo still needs to be updated. :open_mouth:

(Mark Verlinde) #6

One minor topic i’d like to point out is the nethserver-mail-smarthost dependency.

If there are issues in a corner-case and you start to thinker to correct it; you might remove smarthost accidentally.

(Davide Principi) #7

Once we merge smarthost code into nethserver-mail repo we can fix the dependency too

(Mark Verlinde) #8

Updated arm repositories, made the filter-package optional and so far so good!

(Mark Verlinde) #9

Curious about the Status because while testing / working on other stuff came across a unpleasant side effect of the comps solution to pull the latest nethserver-mail stack in;

If a group containing nethserver-mail2 is removed it removes the mail2 packages and packages depending on mail2 too.
To reproduce:
Install from software center Email , Roundcube web mail and WebTop 5 groupware (or sogo).
then remove Roundcube web mail.
or shortcut:
Install Email and on the command line remove (not installed) roundcubemail group
yum remove @"Roundcube web mail"

Besides this an other observation;

It is impossible to reinstall a mail2 package: it conflicts with it self: :disappointed_relieved:

# yum reinstall nethserver-mail2-server
ERROR with transaction check vs depsolve:
nethserver-mail-server conflicts with nethserver-mail2-server-2.2.8-1.ns7.noarch
nethserver-mail-server conflicts with (installed) nethserver-mail2-server-2.2.8-1.ns7.noarch

I am convinced now versioning at provides and obsoletes is mandatory.

(Davide Principi) #10

Thank you for the hint! I’m preparing the patch and will try to fix this issue too!

I think we can release the automatic upgrade once has been closed.

(Davide Principi) #11

The day has come! The packages have been released and mirrors are synchronizing.

Thanks to @giacomo for reviewing and testing the .spec file patch!

(Mark Verlinde) #12

In the goups nethserver-mail-server is still mandatory for roundcubemail and webtop,
IIUC we still have above described behavior…

Is it necessary to keep nethserver-mail-server mandatory?

(Davide Principi) #13

We could remove it from the Roundcube and Webtop group, if it’s already pulled in by the RPM dependency… I’d say yes we can do it!