Automatic updates and stable repo

I activated crostino subscriptions for our nethservers, thus also configured to download and install updates automatically. This morning I observe, that there are updates available but they were not installed. Furthermore looking in the updates thread, I see that those are updates for community edition. Thus my questions:

How can I check and ensure that the repo was switched correctly when activating the subscription? Reading in the documentation I thought, this should be done automatically.

Why are those updates not installed automatically?



Updates go first to the community version, a few days later (When no problems occur) they are distributed to the subscription users, same as Proxmox does.

The community are the testers… :slight_smile:

Hope that answers your question.

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Hi Andy,

thats what I was thinking and therefore I opened this thread. I’d like to find out if we now really are on the stable - bether tested repo, and why the updates did not install automatically as I configured them.

To check if repos have been correctly switched, execute yum repolist
You should see a list of repositories named sb-<something> like sb-base.

If you want to automatically install the updates, you need to enable it from Software Center:


Hi giacomo,

[root@hostname ~]# yum repolist
Loaded plugins: changelog, fastestmirror, nethserver_events
Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile

  • sb-base:
  • sb-centos-sclo-rh:
  • sb-centos-sclo-sclo:
  • sb-epel:
  • sb-extras:
  • sb-nethserver-base:
  • sb-nethserver-updates:
  • sb-updates:
    repo id repo name status
    sb-base/x86_64 Stable mirror: CentOS Base 7 10,070
    sb-centos-sclo-rh/x86_64 Stable mirror: SCLo rh 7 6,957
    sb-centos-sclo-sclo/x86_64 Stable mirror: SCLo sclo 7 802
    sb-epel/x86_64 Stable mirror: EPEL 7 13,452
    sb-extras/x86_64 Stable mirror: CentOS Extras 7 413
    sb-nethserver-base/x86_64 Stable mirror: NethServer Base 7 363
    sb-nethserver-updates/x86_64 Stable mirror: NethServer Updates 7 486
    sb-updates/x86_64 Stable mirror: CentOS Updates 7 1,134
    repolist: 33,677

So that seems to be the correct repo, right?

I already have configured automatic updating as you show on the prinscreen, but when I go into Softwarecenter, I see available updates thus I am wondering why they are not automatically installed.


The software center has little different view on the repos: from it you can installed latest released software.
If you want to make sure to grab all updates after a while, just wait and yum-cron will do its job.
A detailed list of what is installed is available at /var/log/yum.log :wink:

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So that means I still install the community edition of the packages if I update from the software center? How can I make sure that only the the stable versions are installed? Does that mean that now I have a mix of packages that are from the stable repo and the ones installed from the softwarecenter could be from the community edition? How can I ensure a consistent transition to the stable packages? Would that not mean that some packages would even have to be downgraded from community edition to subscription edition? I am a bit confused, so pardon me for asking something that for others might be very obvious :smirk:

Thanks in advance for clarifying :slight_smile:

The packages are the same. The only difference is the roll out schedule.

The software center shows the latest available packages: Subscription repositories have a daily sync schedule with their upstream repositories (EPEL, CentOS and NethServer community), so they are almost the same thing.

Instead, the nightly yum-cron job automatically installs the RPM updates with a delay of 3-7 days after they are published, by accessing historical snapshots of the upstream repositories. In other words the roll out is delayed.

After you initially update and install the required software from the Software Center (at the latest version), enable automatic updates and forget about them: we are taking care of the updates safety :slight_smile:

If a problem occurs with the updates, the roll out pipeline is stopped until the issue is fixed.


Will there be some kind of notification once the updates to 7.9 are considered stable for subscriptioned nethservers?

A said above, if you have enabled automatic updates, no action is needed. Upgrade is automatic too after 3/7 days.

The 7.9 availability is announced in this forum. If a manual upgrade is wanted, Subscription installations can see it in the Software Center after mirrors are synchronized (a few hours).

In any case, reading the announcement and the release notes is a good thing :wink:

Yeah, I did enable automatic updates and understood that they are installed with a reasonable delay and I am very happy with that. I guess what I try to understand, is if on a release change like from 7.8 to 7.9 there will be an announcement when to upgrade prod. subscribed nethservers if needed to be done manually, or if they will also be updated automatically. Nevermind, I can wait an see how my nethservers will behave :slight_smile:

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