Subscription updates are missing

Sorry for digging out this post of my own again. I see more than 80-over 100 updates waiting on our subscriptioned nethservers, so I wonder if this is normal and if there is a way to check when those packages will get their updates automatically. Is there a timetable or something based on which I could check when normal auto-update procedure is will be triggered?

It’s my mistake. After the winter holidays the automatic updates were stopped. I resumed them last week but… not for every client! I bet your NS is one of them :slight_smile:

The usual roll out schedule will be completely resumed during this week.


Thanks for your information. So I wait and will report back if in the next weeks the updates would not happen.


@davidep - I have one of our subscribed nethservers with automatic updates configured with 70 updates pending. Can you please check and resume if necessary?

I guess your system updates are still “freezed” to avoid this bug:

As the upstream fix is available and the normal updates roll out policy is resumed starting from this week, I’d expect your system gets the updates automatically in the next 24-48 hours.


Hi Davide. It seems you were correct, thank you, as today there are only 7 updates left. :+1:

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