Asterisk 13 and FreePBX 14 on NethServer 7

Yes, I managed to install correctly using that command on a new NS7.
But when I logon I get the same error regarding tampered files. running ma refreshsignatures solves all exept one:

You have 1 tampered files
Module: “FreePBX Framework”, File: “/var/www/html/freepbx/admin/libraries/Composer/vendor/bin/doctrine-dbal missing”

I have uninstalled and removed framework, installed again, but still get the same error. Strangest thing is that a “ma refreshsignatures” doesn’t recognize the tampered file.

I notice there is still the message regarding the html5 converters - couldn’t lame and ffmpeg be incorporated into NS’s package?

I seem to have finally solved the issue by simply forcing an update and reinstall framework through the web interface.

I notice there are several modules missing - all from the extended and unsupported repositories. That takes away the google voice trunking, among several other modules. Can these repos be added or enabled?

Also, is there anyway to enable https support in freepbx? One usually does it through the sysadmin module but it is missing here - and when trying to install from the module admin (it is the only one that show’s up as non-installed) it gives some dependency errors?

there are still a few modules on freepbx mirrors for 14 (because it’s an alpha) to see all modules you need to change FreePBX version to 13. This could have negative consequences, but allows you to install old modules that are probably compatible

mysql asterisk -e “UPDATE admin SET value = ‘13.0.999’ WHERE variable = ‘version’”

But they already have those modules available on their alpha distro, if I’m not mistaken? I’ve installed it to play around a few weeks back and it was full featured, including google voice, sys admin, lets encrypt certificates, etc. However, I have to say I quickly gave up on it - there was still no recordings/voice packages available and the quality of the calls was very bad. Also, it took almost double the resources of the current stable so I quickly went back to 6.8.

If you install their distro, version in the database is 13.0.xx, they still get modules from 13 repositories.

That should depend on Asterisk, the underlying layer. Since we use their same Asterisk packages, if you experience those issues even on NethServer, we should do some debugging

This is very good, what contributions are you looking for ?

You can test it, find and report bugs, help fixing them, read docs and improve it where there’s the need to, so more people can get involved :slight_smile:

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We have tested the FreeBPX + Asterisk 13: basically it works.

There are still some open issues:

We would like to hear you opinion on this:

Would you like to have FreePBX and Asterisk released in NethServer stable repository even if FreePBX 14 is still in alpha?

  • I want FreePBX released!
  • Hey, we should wait until FreePBX stable is out!

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I’m sure that people like @clinton @fred @adam @nas @Shadowfire @Adam_Reed @advcorp @petralemoisson @Ivashenkov @chrisg @ghost @petralemoisson @medworthy will be happy to contribute with their votes! :writing_hand:


I believe we should wait at least until we have a beta relase of Freepbx 14


HI All, I must apologise, I have had a problem with Internet recently.

I must say the FreePBX 13 is working great .

We should maybe wait foir the FreePBX 14 to be released, properly.

I still am avoiding 13 on our production machines, as it is not all that stable.

I Should be back in action by the end of October …

Clinton Bester

Cell: 062 528 8482

Tel: 031 563 0741


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@clinton and @petralemoisson thanks for your insights very helpful! :slight_smile:

From my experience’s perspective the Freepbx on Nethserver is still early to be in service.
Once it is ready it will be a dream that came true, until then we need to be realistic not to use it in real time as it will deceive the users.
I have tried it on a test machine the results were not good, it failed many times during manager updates. I will reinstall and check what could have caused it.
Diagnostic and suggested fixes would be part of my contribution.

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Great to hear, our Asterisk + FreePBX team will be happy to receive your feedback and suggestions.
Please report your issues :slight_smile:

Fine, we will wait at least until FreePBX 14 beta is out before releasing the NethServer/Asterisk/FreePBX integration.


hi, are there any news for this topic?

My old w500v(router) is waiting to get a ATA

And no one else is better than me for testing an idiot save implementation! :smiley:

We are waiting for the upsteam stable release :wink:

Is the FreePBX 14 Release Candidate mature enough to start testing something out? :slight_smile:

Hey guys,

Im reluctant for freepbx 14. It may be getting close to stable, but even thirteen is a bit of a problem still.