Assign IP for Samba AD container manually or automatically?

Sorry guys, but I don’t understand that.
Why? What headaches?
Could I have another opinion regarding this?
The configuration is made by the sysadmin. The sysadmin should know his network.
Why the IP for Samba AD container, which can be associated with a dedicated server, should be given by DHCP? Even is DHCP reservation.
Never a dedicated server, network printer, switch or anything who has a defined role in a network, has the IP given by DHCP! That can give headaches!
Usually, for all these, you define a network range.
This network range is separate from the DHCP range (which include also DHCP reservation).

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That’s the point
I remember a murphy’s law that say “do an idiot proof system and only idiots will use it”

I work also ad a SW developer… The final decision is always demanded to the human user that should know the matter…

A smart UI has only the AIM to help the user, and the same could be said about all the logic behind the courtain, but some skills and knowledge are still necessary…

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Totally agree with you!

If sometime something goes wrong, is because of the knowledge and/or skills and an error may occur:

I’d like to rephrase “do an idiot proof system and your users will love it (and you won’t receive support requests)” :slight_smile:

unfortunately it doesn’t (and won’t ever) work in this way… user must at least know what he’s doing… and more often than once, I see people using servers (in production) without even knowing what a netmask is…