April Community hangout

I generally don’t mind what time on Saturdays so long as it isn’t around a meal time

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Currently just 5 of us have already joined up the hangout. Anyone else? Any other time/date proposal?!

I would like to participate, unfortunately my current job doesn’t allow me to join in, based on the times I’ve seen on the Doodle :frowning: I’m available on evenings of CET/CEST time zone, and not all the evenings :-/

Thanks a man anyway.
How many of you are available in the evening CET/CEST time zone? I mean around 19 GMT

If it’s around 19:00 GMT then I can also attend otherwise it is impossible because of the same reason as others (it’s inside normal business hours)

So at 19 GMT we have @Ctek @syntaxerrormmm @hunv … And?

I’d like to reach at lease 7-8 participants, now we’re just 5. We can also add this to our agenda

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