Apple sucks (flame)

Apple sucks

Please don’t be rude

I won’t start a OS war…

the (real) facts are that:

  • RH dropped afd support -> no official rpms
  • Mac OSX can use samba shares with no problems at all (well, we should opena new topic about file tagging with colors and their effects on samba shares but…)

so, IMVHO there’s no reason to compile our own rpms and keep them updated

re-reading OP post, it’s not a technical issue, but a (l)users one…

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That’s not rude, it is true


maybe, but it’s OT here and doesn’t add anything useful to this topic :smile:

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As i know apple drops nfs and samba support too

well… any link/url about it?

are you talking about server side (Mac acting as samba/nfs server) or client side?

the latter, if true, will put their products (virtually) put of all offices…

Also Windows sucks, and a world full of Linux users would be great, but in the real life, Windows has the 80% of the market and Apple sells a lot of device and iMac/Macbook. SMB works perfectly and also NFS (with some knowledge), but some users prefer a nas with afp implemented and with support for tags just because they can tag files. I don’t know the target of custumers you have, but mine are inexperienced and likes to work in the same way with different products and if they buy an Apple pc I have to work with it.

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Andrea, don’t get me wrong…

in tha past, a customer of mine had a SME server 7 (Centos 4) with afp enabled… when I moved to SME8 (centos5) with no afp support (as I told, RH dropped it), it was a nightmare because file names and attributes were almost impossible to understand (ah, I’m talking about 4 TB of data…)

that said, since NS want to be centos compliant, compiling and maintaining custom rpms is (I repeat, IMVHO) not an option.

everybody was an unexperienced user, even me and you…
so the way is not messing your server but teaching your users.

going OT (like this topic requires)… I would not touch windows even with a pole… but this kind of approach leads to nothing.

From what I know, they are trying to abandon AFP in favour of SMB2. But who really knows? :slight_smile:
googling a little bit lead me to this:

link: i dont’k know if i can post it. I think it’s of a commercial vendor…

IMHO actually, the mac user have some major limitation without AFP. For me the most important is the missing support of spotlight.
But to be honest I think i’ve never searched with google how to implement spotlight on SMB share since Sme drop AFP… but now i’ve found some tutorial to do it: it’s time to try if it works with nethserver :slight_smile:

If it’s true that they are shifting to smb2, maybe it’s not worthwhile to integrate netatalk in nethsever (but the initial IF it’s quite big)

I’va also found a compiled version of Netatalk, but as Stefano said i don’t think it’s a good idea to install it without probably breaking compatibility with future version of Neth.

And for OT part: i really like MacOS and some of it’s feature (like time machine and spotlight)… while it’s true that the partition with yosemite on my macbook pro it’s always smaller and that for 95% of time i’m running Debian


I read carefully the link that was given by AbsyntH to compile the netatalk pakage . I compiled the rpm and install it with all the dependencies (a lot of dependencies).
It works, but as you said, it’s important to mantain the compatibility to future release of NS, so I agree with you. It’s not a good idea to mess the server and install AFP on NS with no official package, also because NethServer 7, if based on CentOS 7 would grant the possibility of install the package Tracker that should bring back the support of Spotlight for smb and tags to Mac Users.
I totally agree with you that afp support it’s not a technical issue.

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I will be very glad if in the future, it`ll exit a netatalk module for Nethserver.

For now I`m using this wiki:

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hi, welcome here…

if you read all the posts above, you’d know that it won’t, since it’s unsupported by Centos

I have read all the posts above :smile:

It’s not officially supported, ok.
But indeed, it`s doable, and not seem too complicated.

So to have this function in the well polished NethServer interface will be welcome, a must.

“doable” means that somebody should take care of compiling and maintaining rpms… are you offering yourself to do so? you are welcome

Yes, i can compile of course…

To make the module in the interface, we need another one :smile:

Somebody know if it’s possible to do TimeMachine over NFS or SMB ?
I know and use TimeMachine on XFS but it’s over the network with the Apple Filling Protocol (AFP)

I’ve yet to see that, I’m still trying to get yosemite tm to accept a ubuntu share and it hasn’t worked yet. I had the ubuntu 12.04 configs working with yosemite tm but 14.04 is giving me headaches.

goodluck and keep me in touch,

for my purpose i’m using the AFP service of openmediavault which is base on debian. the AFP service of FreeNAS works well also.

I’ve not try myself yet, cause I’m reaaly busy and my daughter don’t let me enought time at the week-end.
But look at this two link:

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