Apple AFP support

Hello! Good news! It would be very cool to implement the AFP protocol (netatalk?) for more support in Apple environments. Macs also support smb, but for some inexperienced users, AFP is easier to manage. It would be great also have tags, but do not think it would be easier to implement. Unfortunately I do not have the appropriate knowledge.


Wow! I’ll try as soon as possible. Thanks!

AFAIR RH/CentOS dropped afp support since v. 5

I tried in the past to find suitable rpms to enable it on CentOS5 (SME8) but had too many issues

you have to compile it from source :smiley:

if so, I would strongly advice users to not use it… :smile:

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Hi Andrea;

Could you give me a return of experience on using AFP on NethServer ?

Because I was thinking using that to make a TimeMachine Server for few (10) macs.