Any chances on an update to owncloud 8.x?

Any chances on an update to owncloud 8.x?

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I know that oc 8 requires php 5.4 that will be present in NethServer 7, so I hope that it will be updated with it

Another method could be to use the php software collection (available php54/55/56 and 70beta by a nfr) for the whole server or a shared folder and use the webapp or the rpm.

maybe the rpm nethserver-owncloud could be forked and the require to owncloud7 changed to owncloud8.

you have a module for the php software collection

i bet that the next owncloud version will be in php55

This is possible, but when you switch to php54 with SCL anything will run this version of PHP.
With Apache I couldn’t have both php version configured at the same time.

Yes you are right, php_mod can use only one version, if we want more versions, fpm is the way -> but it requires to change a lot in apache and thus a stock nethserver.

With nethserver-php-scl I use CGI when I want to use a specific version of PHP for a shared folder, but performances can be lower, however all is reversible, no huge changes needed.

With the same rpm I did for SME Server, I know that a lot of people use the webapp owncloud8 as is with the software collection in an Ibay, but of course if the same is done here, all your ldap integration will be lost and should be made manually in the webapp.