Upgrading PHP to 5.3.8 or newer

Hi all,

I am a completed newbie to NethServer and Owncloud.

I have managed to install Owncloud on NethServer but am getting a warning on owcloud that PHP is outdated and may not work properly.

Is there a kind soul out there who could walk me through how to upgrade PHP?

Many thanks,


you don’t need it, trust me

don’t poke with your server :wink:

Ehi @devonshirechris welcome to NethServer to community!
Thanks for asking :slight_smile: I suggest taking a look at these past discussions, we have covered such topic many times.
There is no need to upgrade you’re already safe with the current php version

BTW In NethServer 7 we have already NextCloud 10


Many thanks. I will look through these.