Allow dedicated virtual host for webtop

I’d brought this up in another thread, but it’s probably better in its own thread. I’ve been running into CalDAV conflicts between Nextcloud and WebTop, and one solution is to run them on separate virtual hosts. Nextcloud already has that configuration option, but I have users who are already set up with www.mydomain/nextcloud. Unfortunately, WebTop doesn’t seem to have that configuration option at this time. Could that be added in an update to nethserver-webtop5?

I feel you and i’d like to know @webtop_team thoughts

The “virtual host” option is not something WebTop can control, as it lives inside Tomcat, knowing nothing about the apache proxy pass or whatever.
Some specific Apache configuration may be controlled by the NS7 interface, such as “Run WebTop5 in its own virtual host” and configure apache appropriately.



I’m working on making these changes myself:

I’m mostly copying and adapting what was done with nethserver-sogo. I think I have the httpd/conf.d/ fragments in a workable state now, but still need to update the widget for the server-manager. Once I have it working for me, I’ll put in a PR–unless someone else beats me to it.

Edit: OK, found the place to update the dashboard widget.


Submitted PR #41.