Custom subdomain for webtop

form the admin dashboard on cockpit, there is the option of domain,

Question is, i set it to say mail.MyDomain,com will webtop be accessible from that link going forward?

Also other information to note.

hostname of the server is hostname.MyDomain,com but the MX record is set to mail.MyDomain,com

I think I would not use, even if mail server and web do not use the same TCP ports. I think something like would be better, or

The issue comes ever from humans :stuck_out_tongue:

so, if i set the subdomian on that setting menu,


will the software be accessible from that link directly. also, do i have to change the DAV adress


never tested sorry…still on SOGo :slight_smile:

ok, let me wait for someone who has. dont want to mess my server…

alternatively, you could (must ?) have a VM for test on a virtualbox, install a master, then clone it, after that you are ready for tests and help to the nethserver area development :slight_smile:

Installing On a VM, that i understand, cloning and the other testing… i dont follow.

Cloning the VM will save time, clone from master (right click), you do something (install this software), then you drop the VM to the trash, and clone another VM from master for other tests (install this software, try this network configuration)…

the VM is installed one time, and the life time of the clone is really short, one clone, one task

out of your topic but we have a doc

Hi @oneitonitram :slightly_smiling_face:

the modification of the Public URL is used to modify the public access name only if this is different from the FQDN of the system.
You can also find this information by clicking on the “i”:
Public URL

It cannot be used to set up a virtual host (eg instead of ).

Similarly also for DAV server URL.

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so @lucag how do i achieve doing this.

@danb35 i saw you implemented this here Allow dedicated virtual host for webtop