AdGuard Home Network-Wide ad and tracker blocker

I have been using AdGuard’s VPN-based ad blocker on my Android smart phone. It’s subscription-based premium version is pricey, but often you can find coupons for lifetime prepaid service with big discounts. They just announced AdGuard Home, which they describe as a network-wide add and tracker blocker, that doesn’t require installing anything, URL here:

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I had completely forgotten i had posted this in 2018 and rediscovered it. The GitHub is here.

I continue to think their Android package and Windows App + browser plug-in is sensational. It’s probably the most valuable client tool i have ever used. I used to root my phones to get capabilities not close to this.

I got a paid-up license on a Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal, but even at their subscription prices, it is worth it. I have reported a few issues, their tech support email is responsive, knowledgeable, and it has undergone continuous improvement.

I expect nobody has tried it since my post never got a response. I have too many other things to do at the moment to spend time on it, but intend to get to it.

Hi @harry

If you read the news here on this NethServer Forum, you might be aware that this is now 2023, and also that NS8 is now available (Beta2). NS8 includes Adguard as a 1-click install Application, managed by NS8…

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Andy, thanks, I regrettably have had to spend less time here, and missed that. You have given me a reason to carve out some time and build a new image for my home router.

NS8 has removed the firewall from the basis.
But there’s the new Project NethSecurity, which is installed on a seperate box or VM and which handles Firewalling functions. It can be integrated into NS8.

Administration should be seemless, at least when Released… :slight_smile:

My 2 cents