Adding repo name to Software Center apps listings


Since there is a steady flow of apps released, management of available and installed apps and from what repo’s becomes more important IMHO.

Would it be possible to add the repo name and (if applicable) the tag testing IF it is from a testing repo, to all the app listings (all/installed/updates) AND all instances in Software Center? This would provide a better insight of the origin of apps and possibly prevent mistakes.

Thanks for any consideration.

you are very right @LayLow there are actually 3 classes of Apps.

A) Development-(testing)
i) If Pre-release Enabled and tag like 1.0.0-dev-1
am not sure how achievable this is in the context of the UI
Alternatively, it could be, if not released, but listed,

but then again, App should not be listed if not yet released, however, what if someone installed from a development branch in the repo?

B) Testing
i) If Pre-release Enabled regardless of the naming

C) Production/Release
i) If Released and no tag enabled

I think someone had suggested for this to be implemented, and is being tracked on the github project page,

I think, it just needs to be expedited

Overall, shouldn’t this entire discussion have been discussed and listed within this other topic here

Suggestions for software center - Feature - NethServer Community

Probably, but I did not remember that topic… My bad.

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