Suggestions for software center

As we are Approaching a RC for NS8 i think this PAge would require significant updates and Imporvements, MAde to sell the prodcut, not something just for geeks
NethServer 8, the new application hosting platform – NethServer

Also on the Same Note, i think it would be great, especially for new users and for marketing perspective to have a page like this originating from the main NS8 homepage

something to show all the packages and softwares available, By default, and those published by the communities.

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I’m working on a new entire site, thank you for the suggestion BTW

Where would you like to put it? We already have something like that in the software center

this is supposed to be a public facing page.

When someone visits the new NS8 website, they will also get a link for available software or tools. or even a software marketplace. which will have the page that lists all the programs that Ship with NS8 by Default, all and categorised, as well as those that are community built.

that way, someone doe snot need to install a server, but can get a picture and understanding of what’s possible already, and tools already available for installation, before they even think of installing something else.

One day,

A Nethserver8 installa dashbaord be like this… (not the looks but the number of tools installable) and categorization

I think that we only miss categories, boxes and installation buttons are very similar. Don’t you think?

Correct, only the categories is not yet implemented,

I guess, when we start to have more modules, the Need for it will become apparent.

Also, would it not be possible to implement click anywhere on the sofware selection to view details, instead of only the name and the icon?

FOr tools like NExtcloud, on the software center, the listed version is 1.1.0 btu what nextcloud version is it actually?

Must one install to be able to know the version of nextcloud, or even webtop. i think the general overview would be fantastic. dont you think?

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I’d like to involve @andre8244 into the conversation so he can answer your questions

I think it is important to have the full FQDN of the instances of the softwares Deployed available/ visible from this interface

Also, if there was an option to name the instances, and have the named name available instead of the generic, nextcloud 1 etc for the deployed application, would make the interface alot more better.

Ability to name Application instances from the application setting name, is a welcome.

Rename the OPEN APP on application instances

KIndly have this name changed to Manage App instead of Open App, because open app would mean, accessing the application intself, but in this case, we are acessing it to manage it features and functions

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You can change the application UI name with Edit instance label


Then it is used in app listings.

See Modules — NS8 documentation