Add WSDD service to file server

WSDD also seems missing, NS8 doesn’t show up in Networking, neither on Win10/11 nor on MacOS…

A Samba server in 2023 should have this running!


what is this?

A service (Newer Windows has it built in from MS) It makes a Server / NAS show up in Windows Network…

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This is why I love you guys :star_struck:

Filed a Trello card



A simple test for Devs with a Windows PC and a Synology NAS:

Have WSDD off on the NAS

Open Network in Windows Explorer.

The NAS is not shown.

On the NAS, activate WSDD - Windows sees the NAS in Windows Explorer and, permissions confirmed, can browse the NAS…

This happens very fast.

Without this feature, Mac users first need to go to finder, then Go To, Connect with Server, enter in
smb://IP and then - with luck, it will connect.
Windows needs a \IP, authentification,. then, it may work.
A somewhat dated procedure…

I can provide for tests in diverse environments, including Win10, Win11, MacOS…

My 2 cents

I hoped there was a client, like smbclient, to test wsdd is working without installing too much software and operating systems.

Apart from that, do you think wsdd should have an enable/disable switch? Why?

Can we implement it as an always running service coupled with the file server feature?

A good reference is here:

No, not really needed IMHO.

I think this would make sense…

I have done this in the past on diverse Linux and BSD hosts, never any issues with this.
NethServer 7
it is included in a lot of distros.

My 2 cents