WSDD planned feature?

NethServer Version: 8
Module: AD / Samba

As it seems, NS8 based Samba server do not show up in Windows Networks, neither on Win10 nor Win11 based. On a Mac, NS8 does NOT show in the network.

This suggests that the common samba WSDD is not implemented, like almost any other samba implementations nowadays use. See Synology, Qnap or other NAS, almost all provide a dedicated WSDD option.

For any SoHo / SME implementation, having this is almost a must. Even for Non-Windows households or SME sites, most devices now use this also to find network resources. I am myself actually a Mac / Linux user, besides VMs, no Windows OS actually running on any hardware. Nonetheless, I do support clients with Windows Workstations, as is still very common in SME companies.

I do have about 8 NS8 based networks to report from, all different, some with Macs, some Windows, some mixed.

NS8 is no more a beta product, wsdd should be included in any samba implementation.

  • Is this a feature still planned, or coming somewhere in the roadmap?
  • If not, is it possible to install wsdd as a service, preferably on the samba node?

It does seem strange to use a completly newly designed system, and be forced to use IP to connect, even if DNS is working correctly and all hosts are entered correctly…

I think it’s been 80+ years since the last new cars were supplied with a hand-crank to start the car.
That’s what it feels like, without WSDD, using samba in a network.

I am hearing a lot of “Flintstones” jokes, or along the lines of “vintage”…

  • Is the server called “Bedrock”?
  • Do they supply cranks to manually start file shareing?

My 2 cents

It’s always DNS. smh


DNS is NOT enough nowadays.

I do have correct DNS records hor the local LAN (real DNS names!) and also for any AD domain, usually a subdomain of the actual, real domain, NEVER any stupid crap like .local or .lan.

Yet rarely, if ever, have I seen NS8 show up in any networking view. If it shows up, likely on a Linux desktop (They’re, rare, but they do exist!), hardly on a Mac or current Windows.

No, there are people out there who do know their DNS - very well. There are also people who reject best practices, some are VERY stubborn. themselves suggest using wsdd - and I do respect Andrew Tridgell’s work.

I am also known as a DNS crack since over 24 years… :slight_smile:

My 2 cents

Yes it’s planned, but not in the roadmap.

However if it requires little work we can implement it on the run. I need an help from you to test it.

  • What should I expect from network clients?
  • Can I check if wsdd works correctly without a Windows OS?

I think no, it isn’t. The right place should be the samba-dc container, based on Ubuntu Lunar. Wsdd is a standard package provided by the distro.

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