Add network printer to CUPS

Hello friend,
How did you do that?
I have same issue.
Domain is established and working as desired. Once i see in the Nethserver GUI through my client pc, i don’t see CUPS in the installed features. but once i want to add up a network printer "HP- Officejet 7500 A " which is on the same subnet as of my Nethserver and have a fix ip configured to it, I don’t see the printer in GUI. I have tried to search for the printer and add a new printer but both didn’t work.
while reading someposts i read that we have to install “avahi” , i have downloaded it’s .tar file but don’t know how i can copy it to my nethserver and what are the exact commands line by line to install the software.
Help in this regard will be really appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Since the topic you added your post to was 4 years old and probably about NethServer6 and not NethServer7 I split off your post and created a new topic so we probably can help you better.
In the devel manual there is a section about nethserver-cups. maybe you can get some hints from there?


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Hi Robb,
Thanks for putting the things right for me. You have been quite supportive in my Nethserver learning.

Coming towards the problem right now i am facing.
Once i open the printer tab on my Dashboard section of my Nethserver through GUI on my client PC, it tells me that there is no printer installed.
Once i open up the Printer section at it’s own, it asks for my admin login/password saying it is asked by CUPS.
Supplying that information am presented the CUPS home page on my server.
Select the option of Adding Printers and Classes takes me to the page where i can search for printer or add a printer but both option states that there is no printer available, whereas HP- Officejet 7500A is connected to the network using a switch and a static IP configured on it from the same Subnet.
Seeing the link you sent in your previous post i logged on physically on my Nethserver and typed following commands on the root line by line and entered
but that didn’t do anything to solve my problem.
While going through the link you mentioned in above post , i could see the mention of Avahi but don’t know how to install it onto my nethserver.
Being a newbie, i need proper step by step commands in plain typing so that i don’t feel myself in a loop of going to links and then forwarded to another link.
I hope you understand my state of mind.

Just seen the version of CUPS, it is 1.6.3 on my machine but on Cups website latest stable version is also available, which i download onto my client machine but don’t know how to transfer it Nethserver and how to install it.

Edited after 15 mins of more reading .
This link i think is giving a step by step guide but it assumes that have added the rvandenaker-cups repository to your yum configuration, which i am not sure of.
Where to get this repository, how to add it to Nethserver?

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Sorry, i am a bit confused. Which is your issue?
Installing CUPS?
Or adding your OfficeJet 7500A to CUPS?

My first issue is adding my network printer.(priority 1):pray:

HP OfficeJet 7500A is not supported on Linux
As stated by CUPS
and as stated by HP into HPLIP site.
(I am assuming that this is the printer you are talking about)

If you currently are using in any way this printer into linux, you should become able to reproduce it on NethServer, but i don’t know how.
I hope this will help you…
As stated by HP, printer supports HP PCL 3 GUI
So maybe this driver
could be used/adapted for let your printer work, but i am not sure about that

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Thanks for a quick reply,
Yes the same printer as you have mentioned.
i have not used this printer into Linux.
i don’t know how to add this driver into Nethserver.
Once i try to addup the printer in CUPS , it says “Forbidden”.
how can i allow it to search or let me add up new printer?

From the CUPS page:

  • Click the Administration tab.
  • Click “Add Printer”
  • Log in with root credentials

But, of course, you must be using a printer that’s supported by Linux, and it doesn’t appear your printer is.

It has a usb connection too.
Can i add it up on Nethserver by any means so that it can handle AD user’s as per their restrictions?

It doesn’t matter what kind of connection it has, if the system doesn’t know how to talk to it–and your printer isn’t listed as being supported, either by HP or by CUPS. I don’t know for sure that it won’t work, but I’m also not seeing anything suggesting that it would be expected to.

I’d note, though, that there doesn’t seem to be any documentation whatsoever for nethserver-cups. Kind of seems like there should be, either in the Admin manual (which would be preferred) or in the wiki. Not sure who to ping on that, though–@davidep?

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The only documentation I could find was in de dev manual. I agree this could get some more attention.
Although, nethserver-cups is nothing more than default CUPS, so any cups howto should help.
This hwoto seems ok:

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HP website does have HPLIP driver for Linux for my printer model.
I shall give it a go by adapting the Step by step… referred by you. tonight.
will update soon

At a minimum, we should be documenting which user(s) should be used–does it have to be root, could it also be admin/Administrator, could it be any authenticated user, or what?

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I cannot find it. Would you please provide a link?

Hi @danb35, a pull request for the docs is welcome as usual :wink:

I guess that’s the reason of the missing doc page.

However this thread confirms that we need one. I’d expect nothing more than basic cups information and pointers to relevant cups documentation.

That would be really sad :frowning:

I have a HP P1005 USB printer at home and the Linux support is limited.

It seems so, as stated on pages linked. I have no spare printer for test it on my own…

Yes, the standard F/OSS answer of “if you want it, do it yourself”–which I probably could if I knew the answer to this question:

(especially since I suspect this was OP’s problem all along).

Even a documentation page saying “Nethserver uses CUPS as a print server. Log in with (whatever are the appropriate user credentials). Go here for the CUPS documentation” would be a big step in the right direction.

I’m sorry I don’t have the answer to this question! I guess git log and git blame can help… /cc @giacomo

I’d expect the default NethServer admins policy, though:

Members of Domain admins group, admin user and root user can do anything. Others can “read”.

With admin account (from Samba4 AD account provider) I get this:

Add Printer Error
Unable to add printer:

With root I can add a printer…

tested with NS7.6 at latest patchlevel with Samba4 AD accountprovider and nethserver-cups installed. I ‘activated’ the admin account by giving it a password.