AD and VirtualBox

NethServer Version: NethServer release 7.6.1810 (final)
Module: nethserver-samba
Moving to NethServer, things are working out well.
One strange effect:
I have a VirtualBox running on the server with a Windows 10 instance.
Windows can’t access the domain if I set network on Brigde. If I put the interface on NAT, so it gets a 10.2… adress it works.
I’ve tried to forward the samba ports, no help.
Any Idea, or any other information from my system?

Just to be on the safe side, is the vm network adapter set to promisquas (sorry for the typo) mode?

Enabling this on my ns vm allowed me to make the ns vm used for testing join my ns home domain, so I then could test run printer config and the likes.

Good idea, it wasn’t set.
I set it to “Allow all”, but it is the same.
I can’t access the domain.
Doesn’t block nethserver incoming connections when they are not on the same subnet or the hub count is higher?
It must be something in that direction.

Do you have two Virtualbox VMs, one Nethserver and one Windows 10 or do you use virtualbox on your Nethserver hosting a Windows 10 VM?

By default the samba domain controller and clients use the green network:

No, I have Nethserver native on the machine. There Virtualbox is installed and the Windows runs in that VM.
It gets the IP from DHCP from the Nethserver. Physical Clients work, they have the same DHCP Server.
I can’t find any difference between the VM and the Hardware machines.
They all should run on the green network

I was able to join my win10 vm to my home domain using a bridged connection and the propper configuration settings for promisques mode. As an inquiring sidenote: if your dhcp is set to allow connections for registered devices only (those with a reserved ip), did you add the vm in the reservations list?

My case might not entirely be the same since the vm is running elsewhere…

Do you use this module or did you install virtualbox manually?

Good question, I was asking myself

I am new to Nethserver, so I installed it manually.
should I remove it and use the module?

Welcome to Nethserver Community!

Yes, please remove it and help testing the module. It provides a web interface too.

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yum install nethserver-virtualbox-5.2-phpvirtualbox --enablerepo=nethforge-testing

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OK, I removed Virtualbox and installed the nethserver version. I did a “/sbin/vboxconfig”.
The rest of the documation is confusing.
Problem persists…
I think it is a firewall, routing, something problem
I have absolutly NO knowledge of firewall…

I am trying to reproduce your issue, actually installing Win 10 in a virtualbox VM in a VMWare VM running NethServer.

You may try to fully disable the firewall with

shorewall clear

To enable it again: signal-event firewall-adjust

Does pinging the samba container from Windows 10 work?

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I could reproduce the issue. A virtualbox guest can’t reach the samba container by default.

After changing the virtualbox network adapter bridging from ens33 (my local network interface) to br0 I was able to ping the container but no port was reachable.

Then I found a working solution:

Create a new tap interface:

ip tuntap add mode tap tap0

Add it to the bridge br0:

brctl addif br0 tap0

Bring up the interface:

ip link set tap0 up

Connect the VM network bridge interface to tap0.

Now it should be possible to reach the samba container from the Win 10 guest and join the AD. These changes are lost after a reboot.


Fun, does it is specific to nethserver, I use myself virtualbox on a fedora, I do not remember if a windows guest can even ping the samba container. I need to try.

Can we imagine to script this ?

I am migrating from a Ubuntu installation and had no problem with the Windows guest to access the domain…
Markus: how did you even find that solution? I am in awe…
The academical question would be why this effect is happening.
The pragmatic question is: how to make it persistent? Should I create a bash script and run it with crontab?

Whereas in Ubuntu the samba dc is local, Nethserver runs the samba domain controller in a systemd-nspawn container, see I still don't get why Samba has to be run in a container - #6 by davidep
There seem to be problems to reach the container from a virtualbox guest.

It should be possible with network scripts, I’ll post if I have something working…

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Probably a stupid question, but might adding an interface neth side and then appointing that interface through the vm solve things? Or, would the virtual netadapter show up somewhere to be able to assign it a role or something?

I ask this because I had to appoint an ip address through dhcp each time I created a vmware vm on my main system before it could reach the network. I eventually might try to get a vm going on the server, hardware should be fine, but there are a few uncertainties I’d need to clear out before I try.

In the case of virtualbox it seems to be a solution.

Create /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-tap0 with this content:


Reboot and set the virtualbox VM bridge network to tap0.

There may be problems with openvpn or ipsec because they probably want to use tap0 too, I have to check…

AFAIK VMWare sets the IP on NATed devices via DHCP, you may try to bridge instead of NAT.

I always bridge, but have dhcp set to only allow connections from reserved ip’s, some times leading to disconnections if for some reason, the mac address of the vnet adapter changed.

What I’m also wondering is, if the virtual box, somehow would expose an interface to nethgui or so. If yes, wouldn’t be enough to just bridge the interface from vbox to green? I’m just trying to understand / learn some does and don’ts … :slight_smile: