About MySQL Default Collation

It is just me how mysql should create database in utf8mb4-general instead in latin_swedish ?

While, by heart, nextcloud and wordpress and probably many more, recommend utf8mb4 as collation, Nethserver, probably an heritage of CentOS still in the last decay by proposing latin_swedish as default collation.

If I understand well, this behavior tend to slow mysql and limit the number of language but also have a harder time to store emotions.

This should be at least considered for the Nethserver 8 no ?



Some apps may still rely on the mysql default collation so changing it may lead to problems.

But the problem is not only the (default) collation. It could be defined as we like at db creation.
Nextcloud for example needs some more mariadb default settings for using utf8mb4 that may affect other apps, new database creations or backups.

Here is a discussion about changing collation for Nextcloud with more details.

CentOS 8 provides mariadb 10 so maybe for NethServer 8 we can think about

  • using better settings from the start to allow a wider range of possibilities
  • or just run another mariadb instance with more modern settings for apps that need it