A notes APP inside Cockpit

I have a suggesting for implementation of a small notes app inside the cockpit interface.
this is for admins to take notes within the interface on different changes ad scenario on the server.

Who has an idea, first, what app can be used for this purpose, and to the community generally,
do you think thisis something viable, doable and important?


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could this also be a viable option, though to me seems like might not be possible to have interface baked into cockpit. not sure…

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what information do you want to store, where (in which panel) and accessible for what group ?


I think the general idea of notes in cockpit a good idea!

There are a lot of uses for this, depending on Environment.

  • For SysAdmins, as self reminders for rare cases, or other unusual stuff…
  • For IT Departments, to keep other Admins informed of special stuff.

A NextCloud Integration would be a very nice Extra (Also for allowing Non-Admins to read the info or for teaching purposes…)

Most “other” Admin Interfaces include description fields (almost everywhere), but this isn’t quite the same.

And in almost all networks, there are from time to time “special cases”.
Like now: “Set because of Corona”… (eg for Home-Workers, Factory closed, etc)

My 2 cents

when connecting to proxmox, IIRC we have a textarea note in the dashboard of the VM. The dashboard of cockpit could be a nice place to let monitoring note


exactly my though when i was thinking of its implementation

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@stephdl did you put much thought into adding the Notes app inside the CWP control interface.

This would be extremely handy.

nothing done, not sure about the priority

just noticed this one has a notes app. small one.
check it out



brining this topic up again, specifically for nethserver 8, as i beleive the same requiremenets that were there in ns7 as still viabble in nethserver 8.

I came accross this app code
GitHub - pawelmalak/snippet-box: Snippet Box is a simple self-hosted app for organizing your code snippets. It allows you to easily create, edit, browse and manage your snippets in various languages.

It would be easy to implement as a Nethserver 8 App, but i would love this as a core implementation within the gui of nethserver admin interface.

This seems to be a dead project, last change over 3 years ago?

Dead project does not. Mean dead code. Functionally it does the job.

The essence what’s for something that handles similar within admin interface. If lessons from codebase can be used to achieve no biggie

No, but it does mean unmaintained code. Bugs won’t be fixed, features won’t be added, security vulnerabilities won’t be addressed. If Nethesis are trying to (as they have been consistent with NS7, and I’m sure they still are) use upstream code with minimal (if any) changes or customization, this doesn’t seem like that good of a choice.

If they were to endorse using Cockpit for general server management of NS8 machines (as they ended up doing with NS7), then you have a bunch of additional applications that work with it:

…though I still don’t see one for notes.

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