[6 Mar] What are you working on this week?

For me this week is about creating the new weekly welcoming topic, working on some content for our new NethServer site and writing a new post about our community :wink:

What’s up in your world? Also not NethServer related!

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Thanks to @apradoc, the NethServer “Manual del Administrador” is online!

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Great! What are you working on this week @davidep ?

How to upgrade a ns6 installation to ns7!


I am currently trying to secure my server even better than it is already…
I would like to create a certificate authority with a private key with >=4096 bits… Nethserver’s default CA has only 1028 bits private key…
using this, I will sign certificates for openVPN and also nethserver-manager (httpd-admin)… the certificate for httpd-admin, I will implement via htaccess

and additionally, I will test the phpMyAdmin jail for fail2ban by @stephdl Fail2ban jail for phpMyAdmin
I had first to set up the VMs to test it… I had have several difficulties in doing so, but thanks to the howto How-To: Create a NethServer instance in VirtualBox machine by @Ctek, I finally got them running…
However, (so far as I tried it), the jail doesn’t block me… but I will try it further… and perhaps I will try to configure it in such a way that it blocks me… but let’s see… :wink:

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Un message a été intégré dans un sujet existant : Fail2ban jail for phpMyAdmin

So many of things on the deck :wink: happy to know

@stephdl you should move forward the discussion on the proper thread :wink: