2 week after Community Meeting at Fosdem

I was more than happy to meet so many friends at Fosdem for our Community meeting. Once again, It has been a great occasion to see your faces over a beer and discuss NethServer stuff.

Fortunately, I could talk with you all, not as much as I thought but it’s always great to exchange ideas with you. Listening to your aims and beliefs it’s for me a growth opportunity, definitely.

@giacomo’s photos show what great time we had and which community we’re lucky to have. More pics in this post.

Thanks Family! @giacomo @davidep @filippo_carletti @nrauso @alep @mrchiao @stephdl (and the French dev) @robb (and his wife!) @Ctek (and his wife!) @Stll0 @edoardo_spadoni @dz00te (and his group)
@syntaxerrormmm @pfinardi @enricobacis and their amazing crew!

Next stop, the NethSever Conference in Italy in September

New photo by Alessio Fattorini New photo by Alessio Fattorini New photo by Alessio Fattorini New photo by Alessio Fattorini

I just can say: I had a great time. Learned a lot and had some excellent conversations.
On Saturday I also met the developers of SavaPage. Some others of the community also had quite extensive conversations with them.
I am curious what your impressions are about SavaPage (the project and the people behind it).


It’s a great project for pushing NethServer in educational environments! Also some businesses could benefit from it!

I really liked the idea of Savapage and much more people behind it.
They are very passionate and open! :thumbsup:

The project can bring great benefits on public administrations, schools/universities and even in big companies.

I’d also like to work a little bit on it, but probably I will need to do it in my spare time :wink:

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Hi @giacomo. That would be awesome! If I can be of any assistance, please tell. I am very eager to get SavaPage as an addon module for the printserver module.
I have installed SavaPage several times and spend a day with the devs configuring it. So I am relatively well informed on what it is and what it can do.
At home I am going to set up a environment with NFC swipe cards and receiver for printing. I already have all the hardware needed (rpi + NFC reader + NFC cards).

Unfortunately I don’t have the skills to create a module myself. Tried several times now, but just lack the knowledge… :frowning: