IP address after setting another one in setup config

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009
Module: CentOS Installer

While installing nethserver a couple of times i ran over a specific problem, which made me re-install, because i thought i’d made a mistake.

In installerwindow presented from CENTos, where i define my time zone etc. i also set my static IP adress for a ethernet nic. Interestingly enough, it created instead an ip of Since i didn’t want to fiddle around in centos, i decided to reinstall, and make sure, i entered the correct setting. It turned out, that it was again, the third time same story, but i didn’t check that one before i entered

yum install whois

Since my IP adress range is NOT, i got an lengthy error message. By reading closely i saw that i could set a temporary IP with the command:


This did the trick for me, then i could move on to installing. It seems, that with the very first install, it DID set the correct IP address, i entered in setup config, but the later installs didn’t work.

I thought, it might make sens if somebody else gets into this. (or myself, when i already forgot about this one :-))

see above.


Hi Justin

Why not simply use the correct NethServer ISO instead of installing Centos first, then installing NethServer on top of Centos…

My 2 cents

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Hi Andy, this is what i did. When i boot with the Nethserver ISO i will be guided to a graphical interface, where i can setup my time zone, my keyboard, additional languages, setup partitioning and networking. There i set the IP to be used.

Did i do it the wrong way?
Best and thanks

This one looks like the standard CentOS installer, but would install CentOS & Nethserver

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The problem you describe seems like this one:

Image guide (maybe not all up to date):


Yes, looks like. I was stuck and reinstalled 3 times, because i thought i missed something in the process. …

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Hi @justin_case

Glad it’s working now!

My 2 cents

You probably ran into (a regression of) an anaconda bug: Manual network configuration broked by installer - #4 by robb
This is a known upstream problem. I found it the easiest to just install using DHCP for RED interface and create a static IP after installation. (if using as a gateway)