ZSH and nethserver

Hi, I use zsh on my desktop and server for several years now, but on nethserver I haven’t done my shell setup until today, and when I’ve launch zsh I’ve this message

/etc/profile.d/e-smith-lib_compspec.sh:17: command not found: complete
/etc/profile.d/e-smith-lib_compspec.sh:37: command not found: complete
/etc/profile.d/e-smith-lib_compspec.sh:97: command not found: complete
/etc/profile.d/e-smith-lib_compspec.sh:109: command not found: complete

And I need to do ctrl + c to get the shell back.
If anyone have any idea, it can be useful for shell addict :wink:

This is the configuration for bash-completion.
Probably, the only fix you can do is:

rm -f /etc/profile.d/e-smith-lib_compspec.sh

But the file will be added again if nethserver-base is updated :smile:

Thanks it work, but is sad that I need to do it after every update of nethserver-base :frowning:

I think you may use the bashcompinit function of zsh: no more errors and command completion.
You should only modify your zshrc, but if you need to patch nethserver-base I’ll evaluate a pull request.

Hello friends,
I have been using zsh for many years under macOS and would like to use the many possibilities also under Nethserver. The general installation instructions for Centos do not help.
Has anyone made this work on Nethserver since 2016?
Best regads, MArko

Ps.: I use it in combination with Oh My Zsh and Powerlevel10k-Theme

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